Gig Of The Month: #004 Adele @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 7th May 2008

This gig was really special as this was the last night of the tour and Adele had celebrated her 20th birthday two days earlier. The tour was in conjunction with the debut album 19 which had just been released earliier that January. My decision to get a ticket to this event was purely based on how amazing and emotional Chasing Pavements was. By the time of the gig Adele was on her third single this being Cold Shoulder, she had previously released her debut Hometown Glory back in 2007.

From what I can remember was supporting Adele was Sam Sparro who broke into the top 10 with Black and Gold. Sparrow was wearing a multi coloured top. Adele was in this black and white stripe dress. Now Adele’s vocals were formidable and you can pick up on the soulfulness from each song sung. The set was basically a showcase of the debut 19 plus two extra songs were thrown into the mix. These songs being a cover of Dreaming Of You originally sung by The Coral and Fool That I Am by Etta James (this was to feature as a B Side on the re release of Hometown Glory later on in the year).

Thinking about the success she has had now with Someone Like You and album 21 it made this gig very special as the venue has a 2000 people capacity. I know she revisited Shepherd’s Bush Empire recently and that would of been some gig to go to. It was no surprise tickets for that gig were complete gold dust.


Right As Rain
Melt My Heart To Stone
Day Dreamer
Best For Last
Dreaming Of You
Cold Shoulder
First Love
Make You Feel My Love
Hometown Glory


Crazy For You
Fool That I Am
Chasing Pavements


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