Kate McGill @ Upstairs @ The Garage 31st May 2011

This was the first time I saw Kate McGill play live. The reason why I attended was due to the fact that the songs posted on her Youtube channel are fantastic. Plus her BlogTV’s are legendary where hundreds of people watch just to see Kate perform for the webcam. With the rain I decided to leave for London at 5pm. It was later than I intended but when I arrived only 3 people were queueing. This was only 30 minutes before the doors opened. A German camera crew had been following McGill around that day and they even came out to film the queue. Thankfully for Kate the queue was long. The fact they were filming Kate’s set was really awkward as the camera was right in her face. For a moment I thought McGill was going to burst out laughing as I imagine it was very off putting. But hey Gemany is McGill’s 3rd largest fanbase. So the doors opened at 7pm and when noticing the stage times the first act was on at 8.15pm. Both support acts had 30 minute slots and opening up the night was Robbie Jay who sang original songs plus a cover of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Where as Mike Dignam sung original songs plus two covers one which was Isn’t She Lovely and the second being the opening song of the set and this being Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

“Hiya Everyone. There is so many of you. This is awesome” McGill said to the audience when she took to the stage. The set was to start off with the singable Short Straw. This song was up tempo and the fact it was Kate and her guitar was extraordinary. McGill and her guitarist gel together perfectly. So after the song there was a rapture of screams and cheers. “This next one not many people know” Kate said before launching into beautiful Look Down. This has to be my favourite song out of the origianals she sang on the night. The chorus is fantastic and McGill’s vocals were sickly sweet (a bit like Ellie Goulding). After Kate then pointed out her family who were in attendance before lauching into another song Full To The Brim. Before starting the song there was a tune up where everyone started to talk. “I’m ready to play now” McGill said once her guitar had been tuned up. This was a strong song which was sung at a steady pace. Kate delivered the song perfectly and her vocal range is spine tingling. During the end of the song everyone was chanting away to the lyric “Yes My Heart Is Full To The Brim”. Another tune up followed and the song that was next was a cover of Flaws by Bastille. Now I have not heard the original version but I was blown away by McGill’s take on it. I have heard Kate sing this cover before and I loved the fact it felt soothing. Acoustic music is soothing and mesmerising at the same time. “How is everyone” McGill said to the crowd to which one person replied by saying Awkward. It was then onto another original song and this being Cursed. This song had a fast tempo plus it was belted out at the same time. It was then onto fans favourite Melancholy Melody. This fantastic song was delivered at a steady place. It sounded ever so lovely plus there was some crowd participation as well. “The next song is a cover of Mumford & Sons” and there were plenty of cheers when Kate said that.

The song was White Blank Page. The song itself has had 380,000 people viewing it on Youtube. McGill owned this haunting folk song and she definately did make her stamp on it. “If you don’t sing along you’ll have to be escorted out the building” Kate jokingly said before singing Little Boat. Everyone participated with singing the chorus to this lovely song. Plenty of screams followed on. “This is my last song so thankyou very much for coming” McGill said before ending the night on the crowd pleasing Diamonds & Waste. Now the chorus to this song is strong and infectious as well. Kate is a formidable guitar player. That song bought a end to a truly stunning evening. Afterwards Kate stayed to meet people and there was lots of people crowding her wanting to meet her.


Short Straw
Look Down
Full To The Brim
Melancholy Melody
White Blank Page
Little Boat
Diamonds & Waste

OVERALL: This was my first McGill gig and I left really impressed from what I had just witnessed. Judging from that performance you can tell she will have a long prospering career in the music industry. I look forward to when Kate does come to release an album because those new tracks are excellent.


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