Gig Of The Month: #003 Noah and the Whale @ Archway Library 17th April 2008

This was a ticketed instore and it was all arranged by Puregroove. This was to be my last instore at this shop as later on Puregroove was going to relocate from its Holloway location to a new premises in Farringdon a year later. Back to this instore with the fact there was only 50 tickets I decided to turn up to the store early. I remember the store opened early just for me. So I got my ticket and I picked up a copy of the current single 2 Bodies 1 Heart. It was extremely nice of them to open early just for me and the ticket was really nice as well. The tickets were numbered and mine was 1/50. This was printed on carboard which was very nice.

Seeing a instore in a library is very surreal. It actually took place in the Chidrens section. There was a little stage where the band would perform their 6 song set. I had seen the band live once before and this being at the Astoria supporting Kate Nash on the NME Shockwaves Tour. It was actually Laura Marling’s album which got me listening to Folk music. Noah and the Whale had been on tour without Marling. Filling in for her was Rebecca Taylor from the band Slow Club. That was the day I fell in love with Taylor her vocals and harmonising were spot on. This was to be the last time that they would have a female in the band.


Give A Little
Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
Shape Of My Heart
5 Years Time
Rocks & Daggers


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