Gig Of The Month: #002 Foals @ HMV, Oxford Street 26th March 2008

It is funny how things change within a couple of years. Back in 2008 I would say there were two music stores situated on Oxford Street and these being HMV and Virgin Megastore. At that time I would say Virgin had the upper hand over HMV. But within a few months Virgin was then renamed Zavvi then later on Zavvi went the same way as Woolworths.

March 2008 I decided to see Foals perform a short set at the Oxford Street, HMV. Foals are a English Indie Rock band and this instore was in conjunction with their debut album Antidotes. The album was different from anything I had heard before. What I can remember is the audience went crazy for this performance. I remember being at the front barrier in one of the aisles and there was a surge of people trying to push foward. For a moment I thought the barrier was going to tip over. The set was kept to just 5 songs but it included 2 album tracks and the 3 singles.


The French Open
Red Sock Pugie
Electric Bloom


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