Gig Of The Month: #001 Laura Marling @ The Social 26th February 2008

I have been to alot of gigs within the past three years. I have seen a variety of different artists perform live so I have decided to start up a new feature on this blog called Gig Of The Month. In fact in this on going series there have been some months which had some amazing gigs which therefore made the task of picking just one ever so tough.

So the first gig in my on going series is Laura Marling. Now I became aware of Marling through a Myspace blog post by one of my favourite bands Peggy Sue & The Pirates. At the end of the post they included what they were currently listened to. The album was the debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim. So I downloaded the album and I was amazed how soothing and gentle it was. It actually laid claim to being the only album I purchased within a couple of days of hearing it. Actually I tried to find the Songbox version of the album as this included a ticket to a gig you could not buy tickets for. This was going to take place at the Union Chapel which is a lovely venue. I tried to track that version of the album down but I could not find it anywhere. I had noticed that Marling was to playing as a part of the Holy Cow night at The Social which is located in Little Portland Street. Looking back on it just seeing her play at a venue that tiny was really special. I remember getting there a couple of hours earlier and Laura was just sitting on one of the stools near the door to the downstairs area.

Laura was headlining the night, while opening the evening was The Laurel Collective and Moshi Moshi’s signing at the time Team Waterpolo. For the whole evening I stood up. There were tables but if you are seeing an artist you really like you would stand up. Marling was the last artist on the night. The set showcased material from Alas, I Cannot Swim. Songs that were sung on the night included Ghosts and my favourite Cross Your Fingers. I remember the closing number was the title track Alas, I Cannot Swim and someone shouted out how did you get to the other side of the river if you couldn’t swim. There was no set list during this performance and one thing I did pick up on is that Marling was a shy person. Eye contact with the audience was kept to a minimum though.


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