In The Spotlight: #009 Lauren Aquilina

Youtube is now the in thing to showcase new songs. Gabrielle Aplin, Kate Mcgill and even Jessie J have recorded videos and upload them to their very own Youtube channels. Now it is the turn of 15 year old Lauren Aquilina to become the next Youtube sensation. She already has her own Facebook, Soundcloud, Myspace and Youtube. The latter of those showcasing her own material plus her outstanding and unique covers.

Lauren is half English, half Maltease and like many 15 year olds Aquilina is a student who is nearing the end of her exams. Lauren has been singing all her life, songwriting since the age of eight and even learning to play piano at the age of nine.  Her influences include a variety of top notch musicians such as Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Lissie, Laura Marling, Sara Bareilles to name but a few.

At this very moment Lauren is unsigned but just from hearing her orginal songs the prospect of an EP is rather exciting. There are only three original songs on Youtube and these being Never Change, Fading Star and Toy. These three songs are power driven and they showcase her brilliant songwriting skills as well as her outstanding vocals. In fact Never Change has garnered over 2600 views.

I would place Lauren Aquillina in the same boat as Gabrielle Aplin and Kate Mcgill. Both Mcgill and Aplin still record cover versions for the whole world to see. Just look at them now Aplin has a massive fanbase and has a slot at this years Glastonbury. While Mcgill is about to embark on a jaunt of the UK plus way back in 2009 Kate won the Skindiv competition which resulted in her very own gig featuring the likes of Ladyhawke and Bombay Bicycle Club. From the material I have heard by Lauren Aquilina I can say that she definately has what it takes. The fact she is a songwriter as well as being a singer are major plus points in my book. Just from seeing all the social network sites that Aquilina is on I can tell she is really passionate about music and passion is what you need to succeed in the music industry.

For more on Lauren Aquilina go to:


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