Cloud Control @ Banquet Records 18th May 2011

Hailing from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia are Indie Rock band Cloud Control. This 4 piece band consist of Alister Wright, Jeremy Kelshaw and siblings Heidi and Ulrich Lenffer. The band have only just released debut album Bliss Release and this album sounds warm and dreamy. Banquet Records whom are my local record store held another top class instore and this being Cloud Control who I predict massive things for.  The album which was on sale a week early is one that everybody must own. There was around 20ish people who witnessed this incredible instore. This set was short but sweet. Only 4 songs were sung but this was different in the fact it was completely stripped back. No Microphones, Amps nothing. Once everybody was in the band launched into the first single which was taken from the debut album. The song is question was Gold Canary there was a little dash of folk and the harmonising was amazing. “This is our first instore ever” Alister said to the small audience. This Is What I Said was next and this song sounded fantastic. There is something about music being stripped back that I completely adore. The harmonising was spot on and very strong as well. After plenty of applause it was then onto Ghost Story. There is one line in this song which basically sums up their music “I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.” Hearing them live for the first time was spine tingling. Only one song could end this instore and this being There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight. This song was simply amazing and iI was completely blown away by it. Heidi’s backing vocals are sublime, and the chorus is ever so mesmerising. So after this superb instore the band stuck around to meet people and sign copies of the album. I am guessing it won’t be that long till I see them again.


Gold Canary
This Is What I Said
Ghost Story
There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight


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