Paisley and Charlie @ Betsey Trotwood 6th May 2011

In 2010 I saw this Brighton based duo at The Zenith Bar for the first time. I loved their music so much resulting in me seeing them at The Willmington Arms. 14 long months later they returned to the capital. It had been an awful long time since they visited London and I was even telling Paisley that if they didn’t come up here I would have to go down to the coast just to see them. Other than making entrancing music which completely captives me both Paisley and Charlie are lovely people. Paisley even sent me a battery operated violin and a CD of the tracks they played at The Zenith Bar last year!!!. This duo had been signed to Pebble Records and this night was in aid of their debut single Stone Lions/ Julia Misbehaves which was released on 7″ vinyl. Well the night wasn’t only for Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling, there were also other acts signed to Pebble Records whom had forthcoming singles playing on the night. This event took place at the Betsey Trotwood which is located in Clerkenwell. The actual place they hold the music is down in the cellar which is extremely tiny. I would say the capacity is almost 50ish people plus there were three snugs as well. So once inside the place was decked with sweet treats which were in melted vinyl bowls. Both Paisley and Charlie had just finished sound checking and it was really nice to have a chat before the music started. It was around 9.15pm when they took to the cramped stage. The night kicked off with Sebastian. Only the song wasn’t sung it was just a sound clips from a film. This actually shows that the band have a passion for the old black and white films. So after the sound clips were over it was then onto Julia Misbehaves minus recorder. This is one amazing song which has catchy lyrics which gel with the melody perfectly. Whenever I hear this song I am always reminded of Lady Penelope whom appeared in the original video to this song. Next it was onto a brand new song called Fine Days. There is no doubt whatsoever that this will feature on the debut album. This fantastic song had fantastic lyrics with Paisley taking to the main vocals and Charlie harmonising. Now this was the first time that they had played that song live and they delivered it faultlessly. Hold Me was next and it grabs the attention as soon as it starts. This song is a perfect pop song which sounded uplifting. You could even dance along to this song. There is very small traces of the way Pet Shop Boys sounded like in the 80s. An old song was next and this being Pop Trash. They infact created a programme called Pop Trash TV which can be found on Youtube. Back to the song there is a fast pace and it is always a pleasure to hear old songs like this being played live. It was then onto Stone Lions the A side of the AA side single. Now this song is beautiful plus it has dreamy vocals delivered by Paisley as well. I still think the Stone Lions are the ones at Trafalgar Square but what is there not to trust. They are made of stone?? Before the last song Paisley told the audience that they appreciated everyone coming out for their first London gig since last March. The final song being another I hadn’t heard live before this being European Girl. There is a fast pace and this song was sung at ease. There was an ode to French films from the sample and that fitted in with the songs title. This song capped off a wonderful set which was over in a flash.


Jula Misbehaves
Fine Days
Hold Me
Pop Trash
Stone Lions
European Girl

OVERALL: It was a right treat seeing Paisley and Charlie play in London. The set sung was fantastic and all of them are contenders to feature on the debut album. It is clear to see that this is their passion and I am so pleased that they have been signed to such a wonderful label. I am hoping this wont be the last time I hear Paisley and Charlies own brand of bubble gum pop in London. One thing I’m certain I wont see again is Paisley on a recorder (I wont be surpirsed if she snapped the thing in two).


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