Paloma Faith @ Union Chapel 5th May 2011

Paloma Faith/ Keith Lemon

Paloma Faith organised a little fundraiser which took place in the intimate Union Chapel. I have been to the Union Chapel plenty of times before and it is a wonderful venue and the acoustics are superb. Paloma organised this incredible evening for a dear friend of hers who was knocked down by a bus a few years ago which resulted in Dave suffering severe brain damage.  Now this event was a fundraiser to get him back home and contribute some of the money he will need for equipment. The star studded line up included Rebecca Ferguson, Clare Maguire, Noisettes, Michael Nyman, Seye Adelekan, Ricky Wilson, David Arnold, Alfie Boe, Rox, Baby Sol and of course an acoustic set by Paloma Faith.  The compere of the evening was Keith Lemon who provided the comedy on the night. Literally my sides were splitting Keith definately needs to go into stand up comedy. The evening kicked off at 7.30pm with both Keith and Paloma taking to the stage. “I just got to make an announcement, I’ve been chatting to the acts and unfortunately Mariah Carey is not here” everyone started laughing to which Keith replied by saying “It’s no laughing matter, I’m vexed”. Paloma then went onto introduce the first act. “It’s not Mariah Carey so don’t get too excited” Lemon then went onto say. Opening up the night was a reinvented Rox. Kicking of the night was a trio of brand new songs. The first being Dance With The Devil. This was a powerful song and it there were traces of soul within the song. “How is everybody doing” Rox said to the audience before going onto say that she released an album but the music wasn’t really her. The three songs sung were the very first time they had been performed live. Tired was next on the night. Now I was really liking the re invented Rox the songs sounded great and you can notice a massive difference when comparing them to the old material. After rapturous applause it was onto a song which is untitled.


Rox mentioned that she thought of calling it Everybody’s Got You Wrong but she didn’t like the title. Now the chorus is really powerful and the song is belted out towards the end. I look forward to hearing the mastered versions of these tracks. “OK I’m going to do one more song for you, I just want to say thankyou to all you lovely people for buying a ticket, It’s great to play for such a amazing cause” Rox said before launching into Where Were You. This song was originally supposed to appeared on the album Memoirs but didn’t make the cut. Baby Sol was a backing singer for this song. This song was beautiful and gentle at the same time.After Rox Paloma and Keith took to the stage. Lemon started to sing A Million Love Songs to Paloma. He sang the chorus but kept on repeating it. “Actually I shouldn’t be here right now coz Celebrity Juice is on at 10, I got to get home to watch myself” Lemon went onto say before Paloma went on to introduce Hello Sailor. Now this super group consisted of David Arnold (who composed the music to Independence Day) and Ricky Wilson (fron the Kaiser Chiefs). Now this humourous set went down well with the crowd and this was the first time they had performed as a group. The set was kept down to two songs and this was special because it wouldn’t happen again. I really liked the second song which was about the sun. I really liked the lyrics to that song as well.  So after they finished their two songs host Paloma Faith and compere Keith Lemon took to the stage. Faith then introduced the next artist Seye “You had Cher in your band” Lemon said before singing the line “If I Can Turn Back Time”.


Faith then announced the next artist Seye Adelekan. “That’s a embarrasing introduction” Adelekan said when he took to the stage. The song he launched himself into was the fast paced Two Hours. Now I really liked the song and I am intrigued to hear more material by him now he has gone solo. Next it was then onto Michael Nyman. Now Nyman is was is a composer to many films and when he took to the stage he went straight to the piano. Now he performed three musical compositions which I found to be really enchanting/ moving and the second composition was taken from the 1993 film The Piano. After Nyman had finished Keith went behind the piano to see if there were numbers on the keys. “Can he do the music to ET” Keith then went to say before humming away the well known composition to that film. Faith then introduced the next act which was onto the deliciously dark Clare Maguire. When she took to the stage she was wearing a sleek black dress. “Very proud to be here for such a great cause” Maguire told the crowd before launching into a cover by gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. In fact Rosetta is Maguire’s biggest insperation of a female artist. Still Trouble In Mind was superbly sung and this version did blow me away. This song was spine tingling and Clare made use of the acoustics by belting out this song. It was then onto a emotional speech by David’s dad where he thanked everyone for coming together to make this evening possible. Once he speech was over there was time to feel. Now Keith can talk about anything.

First it was some discussion about Rambo which Lemon said was like Care Bears for adults. Paloma then told everybody they could go for a 5 minute break. People then started to leave to go outside to go to the bar. I decided to stay and listen to Keith’s banter about Back To The Future and Gremlins. Lemon can literally talk for ages yet you still find what he is saying hilarious. “I think all the acts here tonight should go into X Factor” Lemon then went onto say. After all the hilarious chatter Paloma then went onto introduce the Noisettes. “Do you want to see my undies” Lemon said before unzipping his trousers to reveal his pants. Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa then went onto reveal that the band had been in the studio for the third album before launching into a spectacular performance of Never Forget You. After huge applause it was then onto a new song and this being Contact. I really liked this song it was beautiful at the same time. The song which ended the set was Ragtop Girl. Now I can’t wait to hear the mastered version of this song. Nearing the end everyone was clapping is unison. Once the song was over there was a rapture of applause. After the crew started to set up the stage for the next act. Keith then took to the stage to entertain the crowd and that is what he exactly did. “How far does go in if you want to go into audience” Lemon said referring to the microphone. He then jumped into the crowd and interacted with members in the audience and spoke to Dave’s uncle. Later he then got a beatboxing body popping carpenter onto the stage and then Lemon did an impressive freestyle. This had everyone in stitches. It was then onto Alfie Boe who launched into the operatic Nessun Dorma. This sent chills up my spine and right at the end Alfie received a standing ovation. “It feels like I’ve won the golden ticket” Lemon went onto say before mentioning that he got to see loads of amazing acts. His impression of Ronan Keating was really funny. It was then onto the penultimate and this being Rebecca Ferguson. Now Rebecca who was on last years The X Factor sung a trio of cover songs. The first being a take on the Aqualung song Strange And Beautiful. Well Ferguson made this song her own it sounded amazing. She literally belted out the song and the acoustics of the chapel helped great deal. Another Day In Paradise was next and I love this song. The chorus is amazing and it is such a classic song. Ending the night was a last minute choice of song and this being Amazing Grace which was belted out. Seeing Rebecca singing covers like this at the Union Chapel was spell binding as she had the vocal ability which resulted in a startling performance.

The night culminated with a headline performance by the one and only Paloma Faith. The set was short but sweet and consisted of only 10 songs. One of those songs was a very special performance as well. The night kicked off with Do You Wan’t The Truth Or Something Beautiful? Now I really love the soulfulness of this song and it was delivered at a steady pace. The strings section was amazing. “So I’m going to take it back to the old school and do a lovely Billie Holiday song for you” Paloma said to the crowd before launching into God Bless The Child. This song sounded fantastic and the fact there was a full band made it extra special. Faith put her own stamp on this song and delivered a powerful performance. Having seen Paloma in the past she can belt out covers at ease. Once over the audience erupted with applause. “This ones dedicated to my mum” Faith told the audience before launching into her own version of the Nina Simone song I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl. This song was fantastic and the use of the trumpet was simply incredible. Paloma definately left her mark on this song and the rest of the audience loved it. “It’s the Paloma Faith Fame Academy” Faith then went onto say before introducing Baby Sol onto the stage. When Baby was on stage it seemed like she was taken aback by the packed out Union Chapel. Maybe it was a touch of nerves. The song being Tick Tock. This fantastic song sounded enchanting. Now Baby Sol definately has true talent and has all what it takes to become a solo artist in her own right. The song itself went down really well with the crowd. A song that Paloma has written for the new album was up next. This being Just Be. Her vocals are extremely unique and this new song which was showcased showed that the album will have the same feel as the debut. The ending of the song is really beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song makes it as a single. It was then onto a song everyone could join in with.

This being the infectious and uptempo Upside Down. You can easily have a good boogie to this song. “So you know it, let’s do it” Faith told the audience before launching into the beautiful New York. Paloma belted out this song and it is a lovely song. It was no surprise to see that this song was a real crowd pleaser. “This last song is a new one I wrote, you have never heard before, so brand new” Paloma told the crowd before singing Streets Of Glory. This song was deep and Paloma’s vocals were husky as always. She definately made use of the full band. This was a lovely song and was extremely powerful as well. This track went down a treat with the audiece and there is no doubt whatsoever that this song will appear on the new album. Once over Paloma asks everyone who performed to up onto the stage to wish Dave a Happy 30th Birthday. Everyone then sang happy birthday and then there was an eruption of cheers. Ending the night was the Etta James cover At Last. This was the perfect song to cap off a wnderful evening. Paloma puts her own stamp on the song and literally belted it out.


Do You Wan’t The Truth Or Something Beautiful
God Bless The Child
I Want A Litte Sugar In My Bowl
Tick Tock
Just Be
Upside Down
New York
Streets Of Glory


At Last

OVERALL: Paloma organised an event which was amazing and very special at the same time. All the proceeds were going to a worthy cause and it looks like Dave will be getting the equipment he needs to come back home. Also Keith Lemon was a fantastic compere. He kept the crowd entertained and I have never laughed so hard.


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