Camden Crawl: Day 2 1st May 2011

The first day of the Camden Crawl for me was infact a crawl. I went to a variety of different venues catching many acts as I could live. Yes I may of not caught the full set by Lulu and the Lampshades and Miles Kane but I saw a hatful of songs by them live. I uncovered some talent on the first day and this came in the form of Sarabeth Tucek. Now she was simply amazing. The second day of the Camden Crawl saw me stick to the same venues. I left my place at 11am as I wanted to catch Peggy Sue play at 1pm on the Roundhouse Patio. The fact weekend holders received a wristband made it easier. Last year weekend holders had to go each day to collect seperate wristbands. So I arrived in Chalk Farm at 12.30pm and made my way up to the Patio to catch this fantastic band whom I have seen live plenty of times before. I had been following Peggy Sue’s career since I first saw them support Kate Nash at Concorde 2 in 2007. Originally it just started with only Katy and Rosa then Olly joined to fom this fantastic Folk band. This set featured Emma and Becca on strings plus new guitarist Marcus. The set featured mainly new songs which are taken from 2nd album which had just been completed. The new songs are fantastic plus there were a couple I was hearing for the first time. Also Katy, Rosa and Olly played a couple of old songs these being Watchman and Yo Mama.


All That There Was
Funeral Beat
Yo Mama
The Best
This Constant Night
There Always Was

Once I had reached Camden Town it was then off to The Spread Eagle to catch the set by Irish band Heathers. The first act was still on and this was Jim’ll’s Brain who was wearing a cape and covered with green body paint. The room was packed but I managed to weave my way through and get a seat. Now plenty of people liked the set but it was the next artist that captivated me. Roxanne De Bastion was another find of my Camden Crawl. The style of her music is Indie meets Folk with a dash of pop which made the set wonderful. Plus the fact it was Roxanne and her guitar was a bonus. I adore hearing music acoustic and stripped back. Roxanne grew up in Berlin and started performing at the age of ten.  She then moved to England to further pursue my music career in 2007. The set started off with a song that wasn’t hers and that being Doorbell. Her very own material followed after with the wonderful Montrose Avenue which showed off her vocal range. Her vocal range was perfect and she delivered this lovely song superbly. What followed was another cover this being the Regina Spektor song Baobabs. For this song Roxanne removed the microphone from the stand to sing this incredible song that she made her own. The shades of Regina were there and this was completely acapella. Now Roxanne’s vocals were spine tingling. “So this song is a ode to everywhere except Camden” De Bastian said before launching into the beautiful Somewhere Upon Avon. Now you can clearly picture the story to this song from just listening to the lyrics. This song was lovely and it was delivered superbly. Once over there was a rapture of applause. “Right from my ode to countryside to my ode to solo performers” Roxanne said before going onto say the next song Indie Electro Pop was to feature her imaginary band. She had recently completed the video to the song which was shot in Berlin and all the props came from Camden market. “All the synth bits are there you just have to listen closely”. This song started off at a slow pace and it was delivered strongly. The video for this song will get its premiere at Notting Hill Arts Club on 16th May. There was also a tiny bit of Golden Skans within the song. The set ended with Buckle Up which received some crowd participation. “I normally get an awkward silence at that part of the set”. De Bastian also mentioned she was going to the studio straight after to finish the 2nd EP. Well the part the audience participated was the last line of the chorus. Before starting the song Roxanne prepped us. There was plenty of energy and the rest of the audience enjoyed the set. Roxanne is worth keeping your eye on. Her first EP Mono is available to buy on Itunes.


Montrose Avenue
Somewhere Upon Avon
Indie Electro Pop
Buckle Up

After Roxanne had finished her set it was then a short wait until Heathers took to the stage. Now this band consist of both twin Ellie and Louise Macnamara. They hail from the Emerald Isles and have recently embarked on a 3 day jaunt of the UK. They played London, Coventry, Birmingham and then back in London for the Camden Crawl. Now I have not seen this duo that many times so I am extremely grateful to catch them twice within the space of 4 days . I first saw them play in 2008 and the 2nd time I saw them live was at the Water Rats in 2011 which meant it had been an awful long time since I last saw them. Heathers sing acoustic Indie Folk music and to be honest it is completely mesmerising. After the introduction from Mr Andy Ross both Ellie and Louise launched into Remember When the single which was dubbed as the song of the Irish summer. Now this was a gentle song which is extremely catchy. You can tell there is plenty of passion in the song and I loved how Ellie and Louise’s vocals intertwine to create a beautiful song. Remember When was also stong and there was definately a fast pace. Up next was another track taken from Here, Not There and this being the ever so short Reading In The Dark. They both blitz through this song and it sounded really powerful. “We’ve been on a 3 day tour in the UK, we were in Birmingham yesterday and we’re in Dublin tonight” Louise told the audience before launching into the beautiful song Waiter. This song again showed that both of their vocals compliment each other. Now Waiter is a soft, gentle song which was delivered with plenty of passion. Find A Way was up next and this will hopefully feature on the 2nd album. The song itself was very uptempo and belted out at the same time. Next was the bands stunning take on the Beyonce classic Halo. Other than being belted out you can sense both passion and energy from this performance. Another new song was played after and this being Listen Don’t Speak. I like the fact Louise and Ellie’s vocals intertwine to create such a superb song. Nw I was completely entranced during this song it has to feature on the new album. Slices Of Palama was up next and this had been released in the UK at the start of the year. Now what can I say about the perfomance of this song other than the fact it was amazing. Well Slices Of Palama was extremely uptempo plus it was delivered strongly plus you could sense the passion from this song. Ending the set was another new song this being Underground Beneath. Just like all the other new songs sung during this set this song has to appear on the 2nd album. It is another cracking song and their vocals bounce of one another which was fantastic. Now I could listen to Ellie and Louise play for hours. They are simply mesmerising and I’m captivated from beginning till the very end. I could actually quite easily stick debut album Here, Not There on repeat. The new songs are fantastic and the prospect of a 2nd album is ever so tantalising. As much as I enjoyed the set it still does annoy me that people can talk throughout it. The artist may have fans watching, don’t disrespect them by talking. If you don’t like either leave or just give the artist a chance.


Remember When
Reading In The Dark
Find A Way
Listen Don’t Speak
Slices Of Palama
Underground Beneath

The band to play after Heathers were Spotlight Kid. Now I really enjoyed the short but sweet set. The songs on the set list included There’s A Reason Why, April, Cold Steel, Creeps, All Is Real and ended with Can’t Let Go. Even though I enjoyed the set this setting was unusual for the band. I expect them to be even more crazier when seen live (i.e climbing things). Not the band are supporting The Joy Formidable when they play Koko on 10th May. After when the band had finished playing it was time for the first and only special guest of my Camden Crawl. This being the wonderful Nerina Pallot who was to play a short acoustic set. She was actually tuning up her guitar using an app on the Iphone. Mr Andy Ross again introduced Nerina before she started her set. The song that opened up the set was The Graduate album track Everything’s Illuminated. Nerina’s vocals are spine tingling and this made this song sound amazing. “It’s nice to be here about 40 minutes ago I was lying in bed being really miserable. Then Arsenal went 1-0 up” there were then a few cheers. Now one thing you must know about Nerina is she can ramble away. “This song I wrote when I was really miserable” this song being Mr King which featured on the Buckminster Fuller EP. Now this was a slow song which gathers pace and gets more powerful when it is progresses. There is something about this song which makes a chill go up your spine. “You’re very genuinley lovely, I live round the corner and I know how miserable Camden Crowds normally are“. Next was a cover and Nerine launched into her own take of the Beyonce/ Jay Z Number 1 hit Crazy In Love. Now this was simply hilarious Nerina forgot a the second line of the song. But this didn’t matter because the rest of the audience loved the take on this song. She made the song her own and put her very own stamp of originality on this amazing song. Nerina then teased the audience by saying she could sing Brandy & Monica’s song The Girl Is Mine before plumping for her forthcoming single Put Your Hands Up. This was a infectious disco number which has a catchy chorus and you will definately be singing along to it. Andy Ross then managed to squeeze one last song out of Nerina. “I met more people who had this at their wedding than bought the thing” and this was the beautiful haunting song Sophia. The song capped off a short but sweet 5 song set. The fact that the songs were stripped down was amazing.


Everything’s Illuminated
Mr King
Crazy In Love
Put Your Hands Up

After Nerina had finished her set it was then off to the Electric Ballroom. I was tempted to go and see a band at another venue but I wanted to see Razorlights set later on in the evening. So at 5.30pm the doors opened and I made my way to the front of the stage while all the other people stayed towards the back. Opening up was Giggs a highly talented rapper from Peckham. The crowd were literally going crazy and there was plenty of jumping about. So after Giggs had finished the stage floor cleared out. Around 7.30pm Folk band Peggy Sue took to the stage. The set was vurtually the same as when I saw them play earlier on in the day. Kicking off the set was a new song this being the mellow All That There Was. I liked this song because it was extremely gentle. Unfortuantely the set was blighted by technical difficulties which resulted them losing the crowd.  It was ashame and what was being shouted at them was uncalled for. “We’re sensitive” Katy said responding to someone who didn’t like the fact they were having these difficulties. A couple of minutes later the band launched into the heavy Song and Dance. This incredible song had fantastic lyrics and it was mainly sung by Katy with Rosa harmonising. “We’re called Peggy Sue, It’s a pleasure to be here” Rosa told the audience after Song and Dance had finished. It was then onto another new song Funeral Beat. I really liked the dark lyrics plus the song was belted out as well. Next up was a song taken from the debut album and being Watchman. Now I love the beat to this song. Katy was on the acoustic guitar sings this song and Rosa joins in with harmonising. It is a nice strong steady paced song as well. The line I like is “I only came to watch you watch me leave”. “This is another oldie” Katy told the crowd before they launched into Yo Mama. For this song Katy was on the accordion. It was belted out and the lyrics were fantastic plus there was a steady pace. After another lengthy tune up it was then onto yet another new song. This being Shadow and it sounded darker because the song was alot deeper compared to the others. Shadow was mainly sung by Rosa with Katy harmonising. The penultimate song was This Constant Night. Now I liked this song it is slighly uptempo and extremely powerful. The set closer was There Always Was which again was a brand new song. It followed straight after This Constant Night. This song capped off what was a fantastic 8 track set. It was ashame that they experienced technical difficulties and lost the crowd as they are a fantastic band


All That There Was
Song and Dance
Funeral Beat
Yo Mama
That Constant Night
There Always Was

The artist after Peggy Sue was Becoming Real. To be honest he was not my cup of tea. Basically it was a DJ who was playing his own music. I think he would of been better playing early morning when other venues were having DJs playing. So after Becoming Real it was then onto the band whom were top of my to see list at the Camden Crawl. My Crawl last year ended with seeing them perform at the Jazz Cafe. This band being the lovely Slow Club. This time both Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor were backed by a band which made the new songs sound amazing. The 12 song set consisted of 7 new songs and 5 old ones. All the new songs (bar one) I had heard before as they were played at the Christmas Union Chapel show last year. The set opened up with a new song. This being the uptempo When I’m Waking. The verses are shared between both Charles and Rebecca. Rebecca sang the first verse. The harmonising is spot on and the lyrics are really catchy plus it was also belted out. It was then onto I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream.  The verses and chorus are fantastic. The majority is sung by Charles and Rebecca providing the harmonies. “Alright everyone, Are you having a nice time? Are you having a nice day? Did you see lots of cool bands?” Rebecca said before going onto say that they are going to play some new songs off the album they had just finished. Well the song played was Never Look Back. This was a nice song, very gentle and there is a slow pace which picks up nearer the end. The bits Rebecca sang were belted out. Following straight after was the Horses Jumping which Charles sang the bulk of. This song is so beautiful, gentle and mellowing as well. “Whose exited about seeing Razorlight? Yay” Rebecca asked the crowd before launching into another oldie which was the high octane Trophy Room. The song is very uptempo, infectious and powerful as well. Once over the crowd erupted with cheers it was plain to see from the reaction this was a crowd pleaser. “Cheers, We’re going to do another new song” Watson said after Trophy Room had finished. “Is everyone alright, are you having a nice time still” Rebecca then said to the crowd before launching into the infectious song 2 Cousins. This song has a wonderful beat which I adore. This was the first time I had heard the song live and I was drawn in straight away. I look forward to hearing the album version of this song. “So last night we played in Leeds and some kid did a review of the gig and he called this song You’re Worth The Rash, it’s not called that it’s called You, Earth or Ash” Taylor said to the crowd. Well the song which followed was You, Earth Or Ash. This song is mainly sung by Rebecca, it’s a beautiful song and delivered strongly at the same time. “We’re going to play a old song now” Watson told the crowd before launching into the infectious fast paced Because We’re Dead. This song is still a crowd pleaser even though last December Rebecca made it her 2011 New Years Resolution not to sing it again. The song oozed energy and it was belted out. After it was onto Gold Mountain. This is when Rebecca started her countdown to Razorlight. This song is sung by Charles with Rebecca adding the harmonies making this track a real cracker. “Two songs left” Rebecca told the crowd before lauching into the penultimate song. Giving Up On Love was the penultimate song on the night. This song is highly infectious with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozes from this song. This is really up tempo as well. Ending the night was It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful. There was a false start to this song but they both picked themselves up to deliver this fast paced, powerful and infectious song perfectly. It was a nice treat hearing it live considering they stopped playing it for some reason. Maybe the song fell in the pit of no return? I am hoping that both Rebecca and Charles gained a few more fans considering they were playing before Razorlight. I reckon alot of people were inside the venue for the headline performance by Razorlight. Still it was fantastic hearing them live again and it has awaken my need to see them live again. September seems such a long time away and that makes me tempted to purchase a ticket for Get Loaded In The Park.


When I’m Waking
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Never Look Back
Horses Jumping
Trophy Room
2 Cousins
You Earth Or Ash
Because We’re Dead
Gold Mountain
Giving Up On Love
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

Playing a specian live set at Electric Ballroom was Razorlight. Gus Robertson is Razorlight’s new guitarist while Freddie Stitz is playing bass and Andy Burrows’ replacement since 2009, David Sullivan Kaplan, continues on drums. Now this was the second time I had seen Razorlight play and tonight that delved into their back catalogue for an incredible 17 song set. Kicking things off was the bands 2nd single Rip It Up. Now the energy was electric and the crowd were manic. Straight after they launched into In The Morning. The lyrics were took meaning with the line “In The Morning you know you wont remember a thing”. Considering it was an afterparty plenty of people were probably drinking. Still this song oozed energy and was extremely powerful as well. Once over the crowd erupted with applause. A new song was showcased and this being Vertical Woman. This was a nice strong song and gave a insight of what to expect from the 4th album. once over they launched into Don’t Go Back To Dalston. Up next was Keep The Right Profile which appeared as a B Side to the Somewhere Else single. Just hearing B sides or Album tracks make the set extra special. “This is a song about two women it’s called Vice” Borrell told the packed crowd before launching into the song Vice. “Thankyou very much, this is a song called If It Bleeds” Borrell said to the crowd before launching into the song. Well If It Bleeds was the last new song on the night and again offereds a insight of what to expect from the forthcoming 4th album. The song itself went down a storm with the packed crowd. Up All Night was next and this song was a right crowd pleaser. The crowd were going wild during this song and the rest of the set. It was packed near the front but 4 rows behind thats when it got quite spacey. After the screams it was then onto the bands first ever B Side. The song being In The City which was the B Side to Rock ‘n’ Roll Lies 7″ single. This song went down a real treat and there were plenty of people singing along. The song itself was extremely powerful and the audience were going crazy for it. Straight after it was into the only song to feature in the set taken from the Slipway Fires album. The song in question being Stinger. Another album track was next and this being Back To The Start which featured on the 2nd album Razorlight. A trio of singles were next. The first started with Golden Touch which again got a phenomenal response. There was a little audience participation towards the end when the crowd chanted away to the song. The penultimate song on the night was Before I Fall To Pieces. This was delivered strongly and has to be one of my favourite Razorlight songs along with America. After plenty of cheers the set then came to a close. This song being Somewhere Else. Plenty of people had been singing along. Well during the set you had people getting on top of peoples shoulders, people leaving as the crushing was bad and also someone was taken over the barriers. Still this song brought to a close a fantastic set. As soon as Somewhere Else had finished that is when I decided to make a move for it. I knew that there would be a encore but I thought if I left early it wouldn’t be as packed getting the bus home. As expected it was very easy getting a bus and I didn’t get home until 2.15am and my ears were ringing.


Rip It Up
In The Morning
Vertical Woman
Don’t Go Back To Dalston
Keep The Right Profile
If It Bleeds
Up All Night
In The City
Back To The Start
Golden Touch
Before I Fall To Pieces
Somewhere Else

OVERALL: My two day Crawl was amazing. Yes I was quite reserved when the initial line up was made but the Crawl pulled it out the bag. This was the first year when they had artists playing in the early hours of the morning. Yes clashes were a little disappointing and the fact bands I wanted to see were playing in the early morning. But after I did it at ease after seeing the Razorlight set maybe next year I can do it again if the situation arises. How can the Crawl improve for 2012?? Third day possibly?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pauly says:

    Great review of Roxanne’s performance for Andy Ross presents… although the guy on before her was not Piers (he was billed to play but ended up running The Bull and Gate for the day. The crawl is one big happy family!) the guy who played was in fact JIM’LL’S BRAIN. Who I’m told is usually blue, not green. Interesting, but it was all about Roxanne. Very pleased to get her on and she (as ever) impressed.

    Andy Ross who ‘curated’ both days at The Spread (an annual crawl favourite!) always puts on a varied, exciting selection of artists which perfectly exemplifies the ethos of the weekend. But then this is a man who knows a thing or 10 about good music, being most notable for discovering and launching britpop gods…blur in his food records days. He has caught the Roxanne de Bastion fever and hopefully more and more will.

    Great review of the Crawl. Once again it proved to be a success and improves each year. I think 3 days would prove a little too much but always room for improvement.


    1. Planet Music says:

      Pauly thanks for that. I was really impressed with the talent they had at the Spread Eagle. I intially came for Heathers but I witnessed another musical gem in Roxanne De Bastion. Also Spotlight Kid were fantastic and that set by them was rather special because I am guessing the live sets would be alot louder 🙂

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