Roxy Rawson – Fingers

Classically trained Roxy Rawson recently released her eagerly anticipated single on Monday 2nd May. This song is taken from the forthcoming album Quenching The Kill. Now Roxy has been a favourite of mine ever since the instore at Puregroove for the Ambiguous Records release Changing Things back in 2009. The comparisons of Regina Spektor and Joanna Newson are still there. Now the folkish Fingers sounds amazing plus there is a mixture of instruments being played (these being Glockenspiel and Violin). What I pick up from this song is that it is delivered strongly and there is packed with passion. When you get a music artist who loves what they are doing that is when you get amazing songs. Now Roxy Rawson is a hugely talented female artist who deserves every single bit of success she can get.

Here is what the press release had to say about the background of this song:

The idea behind ‘Fingers’ sparked into life sometime in 2010 when Roxy strolled across Hampstead Heath pondering the answer to our earthly existence. As she stood on Parliament Hill overlooking the panorama of London and beneath the big sky (which if you were to break through into space would go on forever), she felt that the answer was in the trees, the plants and in being alive. With these thoughts, the melody for Fingers was born.

Fingers is released on Polk Funk Records and you can purchase from

Album Quenching The Kill will be released early Summer

To hear more from Roxy head to where you can listen to demos from the forthcoming album


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