In The Spotlight: #008 Francis Neve

02Winterbury is the follow up single to the acclaimed debut release Brian’s Drying Up. The song was released on 28th March 2011 and features on the 7 track mini album The Second Time We First Met which was released last year.

Winterbury features special guest vocalist, Lucy Randell, this song  is a stripped down and introspective duet documenting the moment the cracks start to appear in a relationship. “It has a sentiment that most of us can relate to, in one way or another,” says Francis. “Lucy puts things so simply and to the point that it ends up being a really emotional performance. We captured something very special here.”

The EP The Second Time We First Met is the perfect fusion of Pop and Folk. This is a 7 track EP is full of crackers and everyone should check Francis’s  music out.

Who is Francis Neve though?

Well for starters Francis Neve is not his name it’s infact Steven Carr. He wrote all the songs on the debut EP and produced it as well. Neve was born and raised in Hornchurch, Essex, he started playing the guitar and writing songs at the age of 12. At the age of 16 he formed his first band, Next Of Six. A brief stint in indie outfit The Last followed, with Chris Hayden (Florence & The Machine) on drums, before Francis decided to concentrate on solo material and a career in sound-engineering. He opened his FRR studio in East London in early 2009 and ‘The Second Time We First Met,’ was recorded with Francis singing lead vocals and playing almost all instruments, including guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.


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