Scarlette Fever – Medication Time

Starfisch Records release the debut album by singer/ songwriter Scarlette Fever on 6th June. Medication Time features the singles Crash and Burn (which has garnered alot of praise) and forthcoming single Black & White. Now if you are a fan of Pop music then this album is for you. Karen Louise Barrow is Scarlette Fever and has already supported the likes of Girls Aloud, Simon Webbe she is Mike and the Mechanics on their upcoming tour. In fact Karen also performed alongside Robbie Williams at the Blackpool Illumination Festivities.

How did the name Scarlette Fever come about?

“I’m passionate, so I was thinking of red. Being me, I had to be even more extreme and upgrade it to scarlet. And it’s ‘fever’ as in a fantastic rush of out of control joy and excitement”.

Medication Time is an extremely infectious album which features 14 fantastic tracks which you will fall in love with straight away.

01) Crash and Burn

This is a power pop anthem which is highly addictive. It is clear to see why this debut single gained so much praise. The song is amazing and my favourite part of this song has to be the chorus. The lyrics are fantastic and this song has also been B Listed on BBC Radio 2.

02) Black & White

Black & White is the forthcoming single to be released on 15th May 2011. This song has a powerful chorus and you can pick up on the fact it oozes energy.

03) Hour Of Sunshine

As soon as this song starts you can pick up on a country feel. Hour Of Sunshine does take a while to grow on you as it doesn’t fall in the pop genre like the other 13 songs. Trust me this song does grow on you.

04) Good Day

This is a beautiful ballad which is delivered superbly. It is also a love song as well. Good Day is basically telling you that if you have found that special person you can still have a good day even if the weather is bad.

05) Praying for Change

This is another beautiful song which is gentle and mellow at the same time.

06) Let’s Go Shopping

When you see the tracklisting for this CD you begin to wonder how can you call a song Let’s Go Shopping. I was slightly dubious but what has been written is a power driven song which sounds fantastic. It proves that you can write songs about any topic.

07) Cheatin Man

This song is power driven which sounds incredible.

08) Elated

Elated is a beautiful ballad which is both soft and gentle. Ballads aren’t really my thing but this song plus Good Day (which appears earlier on in the album) are both fantastic.

09) Single White Female

This steady paced song has a infectious beat plus lyrics you wont forget.

10) You Don’t Know My Name

This haunting song, continues the cinematic theme and and features a rare sample from John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy soundtrack.

11) Face The Facts

This is a uptempo song which sounds incredible. It tells the story of a relationsip which has turned sour. The girl in the song has to face the facts that this relationship is dead in the water.

12) Lovestruck

Yet again this is another power pop anthem. With a uptempo chorus and wonderful verses makes this one amazing song.

13) What Would You Do

This song was written in the wake of a friend’s death from breast cancer. It is extremely uptempo which I completely adore. In my opinion this song has single written all over it.

14) Looking Glass

Ending the album is this powerful song. It actually sounds like a mixture of pop and rock which works wonders. I only assume when that song is sung live it oozes energy. Once the track has ended leave the CD playing and a hidden surprise awaits you.

OVERALL: This CD is fantastic. It is a must for any lover of pop music and there is not a single bad track on the album. Yes a few songs are growers but the rest are fantastic. There are plenty of potential singles but my favourite two have to be Good Day and What Would You Do. If you purchase this album you won’t be disappointed.

Medication Time is released on Starfisch Records on 6th June 2011

Follow Up single Black & White is released on 15th May 2011

To hear material from Scarlette go to:


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