Pearl and the Puppets @ Old Blue Last 10th April 2011

I have been listening to this band for quite a while. Since the day I saw them play at the Ben and Jerry’s Fesival in 2010 I spotted something that I liked. Since then I have seen Katie (aka Pearl) playat various venues within London. So once I knew Pearl and the Puppets were playing a set at the Old Blue Last I added the date straight into my diary. I managed to make it to the Old Blue Last with 5 minutes to spare (Everything was running 45 minutes late). My legs felt like jelly as I had run from Old Street Station to the venue. This being down to the fact I saw another band play in Camden. Still I made it upstairs in time. It wasn’t that long until Katie took to the stage. “I’m Pearl and the Puppets, this is one puppet” Katie said to the crowd before launching into Mango Tree. Now this song was delivered perfectly. It showed off Sutherland’s distictive voice which is beautiful and superb at the same time. “Everyone meet Michael Abubakar, a puppet” Katie said to the audience before then getting everyone to say Hi Michael. What followed on was Baby If You Love Me. This soft song was also both gentle and beautiful at the same time. Plus this song is very upbeat and the fact the set was all acoustic was extremely special. “If you know this one sing along” Katie said to the audience before launching into the most mainstream song that she has. This being Because I Do and the reason I say it is the most mainstream song is down to the fact it appeared in the 2010 fim Tamara Drewe. Well this song was very uptempo and beatiful at the same time. Plus it is very infectious because you always feel inclined to sing along to it. Up next was another brand new Pearl song and this being Kiss Me & More. I had heard of the song before but never witnessed hearing it live. Actually it is very different in style. I actually picked up on a folk feel to this song. Still Kiss You More was a lovely song and in my eyes this would definately appear on the album. Katie whipped out the wee Uke for the next song. “Who here likes receiving Kisses, this ones for you” Katie said before pointing to someone in the audience. “I know I pointed to a girl”. Now Kisses was extremely upbeat and was delivered superbly. “This song is about how generations change” Katie told the audience before launching into another new song and this being Sinner. There was no guitar for this song. It was just herself and Michael. Still Sinner was a complete cracker, the lyrics were superb and also it was delivered strongly as well. The night ended with Make Me Smile which does exactly that make you smile. Everyone started to clap along to the beat of this song. Plus there was a storming chorus.


Mango Tree
Baby If You Love Me
Because I Do
Kiss Me & More
Make Me Smile

OVERALL: This was a lovely evening and I look forward to the day I see Pearl and the Puppets back in London. Seriously they have something special. Katie Sutherland’s distinctive voice is extremely unique and just the thought of a full length album is mouth watering.


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