In The Spotlight: #007 Backstage Romance

© Kelly Brussel

Chris Metz, Harley Marcel, Nick Mulqueen, TJ Whiting, Jake Dunn and Jolie Hart are Backstage Romance. This band are extremely new to the music scene after having been formed Autumn 2010. They hail from Orlando, Florida  was born and have just released debut EP There Could Be Colors a couple of months ago (14th February 2011).

Now I really like this 7 track EP and there is not one single bad song. The style of the music is Pop/ Rock I actually can see influences of Paramore from the music they sing. Now this band are well woth keeping tabs on. They may be already making a name for themselves in the US but they haven’t reached UK shores yet. So this means when they finally do they would probably play the small venues then work their way to the top.

Back to the debut EP There Could Be Colors. At the moment it has only been released digitally in the US. Honestly the EP needs to have a physical release because it is so amazing. The lead vocalist is Jolie Hart and each song sounds like absolute perfection. My favourite song off this 7 track album has to be Music To Drown By but then again You Had Me Goodbye is really beautiful.

So if you like listening to brand new music then give Backstage Romance a listen to. They may have not played in the UK yet but I can definately say that when they do I will be there.


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