Kate Nash @ Bush Hall 2nd April 2011

I have been following Kate Nash’s career from the very moment I saw Foundations being played on MTV 2 in 2007. I have attended various gigs in Brighton and London yet I have never seen her play in such a intimate setting. Excluding the fact that I have seen Nash play at both Pure Groove and HMV, Bush Hall was the most intimate venue for a Kate Nash gig. I have been to this venue many times and it’s so beautiful plus the fact the capacity is just 350 is another added bonus. Supporting Kate Nash was the ever so talented Brigitte Aphrodite and her VOBs. Before the support act came on the stage the audience were treated to a short documentary about the after school club Nash has just launched. This short documentary was very interesting and one it was over there was a huge round of applause. It wasn’t that long until Brigitte Aphrodite came onto the stage with her VOBs (Visions Of Beauty). This lovely set was kept to a short but sweet 6 songs. The thing I like about Aphrodite is that she sings the perfect blend of poetry and song. Also the fact each track makes you laugh and smile is a huge bonus. Before launching into the first song of the night she mentioned she was of Greek origin. The songs on the night included She’s A Blue Ice Cream Rink, Streets Of Bromley (for this song the audience were taken back in time), I Dream Myself Awake, The Sound Of Your Voice, Miss Hedonistic and it ended on Dance With A Stranger. Infact Brigitte is signed to Kate’s very own Have 10p Records. She is definately someone to keep taps on.

Later on it was the headline slot by Kate Nash. It was exactly the same as last years Autumn tour but with some minor changes. Overall this was a good gig but will be remembered for just one thing. The band made their entrance to  to Crimson and Clover. There was the sense of female empowerment due to the fact all of Kate’s band were infact female. Well this addition didn’t make a difference because the other girls played the songs faultlessly. As soon as Nash was on stage she launched into the punky I Just Love You More. After the song it was then to the keyboard. “Hi London” Kate told the crowd before playing Do Wah Doo which has a 60s vibe to it. There is an extremly fast pace to this song and it was over in a flash. It was then onto a song from Made Of Bricks and this being the second single Mouthwash. Now I love this song it is infectious and as I expected plenty of people were singing along to this is song. Also it oozed bundles of energy as well. It was then back to the guitar. Nash turned on the lamp and then said “Cheers” while raising a glass to the audience. This song was to be Kiss That Grrrl which again had a fast pace. This is a lovely pop song which was extremely upbeat. The stong Take Me To A Higher Plane was next and what followed after was one of my favourite Kate Nash songs this being Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt? As soon as Kate sings the first verse everyone started to clap in unison. I love this song it is ever so entrancing and I am captivated till the very end. My favourite bit of the song has to be the spoken word part towards the end. Last years tour single was next and this was to be Later On. Before launching into the song Nash thanked a fan for giving her cupcakes which said Kate Nash on the top. Well Later On was very catchy and beautiful at the same time. It was then onto Nash’s anti homophobic song and it was for all the gays. This song was the current tour single I’ve Got A Secret. Now the lyrics are very true people would judge if a secret like that was revealed. No wonder Kate hates homophobia. The spoken word poem Mansion Song was the next on the night and this poem had an extremly dark tone. After it was onto a double dose of B Sides the first being the punkish Model Behaviour. Actually both this song and I Just Love You More would of been perfect for Kate’s Punk side project band The Receeders.

R’n’B Side was immediately after. “I really would like to teach you the lyrics” Nash told the audience before launching into the song. Now I quite like this song despite its powerful lyrics. It is obvious Kate means what she is saying. This song was about her sisters ex. Mariella was the next song on the night which was a real crowd pleaser. The infectious Paris was next and following on from there was the anthem Foundations. Before Foundations Kate thanked the audience for spending their Saturday evening with her. The very moment when she launched into the song there were many screams. It is obvious to say that this song was a real crowd pleaser. Even though the song is 4 years old it still makes the fans go crazy. People were hanging onto every single lyric plus there were plenty of people chanting away to this song. After the song Kate mentions about her new project which is a after school club for girls. Nash also mentions there is a lack of female composers. Capping off the wonderful evening was the danceable Merry Happy. This song was an epic 6 minutes long and it is the perfect song to end on as it oozed plenty of energy. The band then left the stage only to return moments later as there were chants for Kate to come back onto the stage. The first song of the of the encore was to be the beautiful Birds. Before the song Nash told the crowd to sing along. This song got a rapturous response and nearly everyone was singing along to this song. Kate played her acoustic guitar for this song and it sounded amazing. The night ended with the third single from the first album Made Of Bricks and this being Pumpkin Soup. This fast infused was amazing and the energy from the audience was definately flowing. However towards the end of the song Nash likes to get on top of her keyboard and stomp about on it. This time Kate fell backwards but still managed to get back ontop of the keyboard moments later. After the gig I looked behind the keyboard only to find alot of spots of blood on the stage plus a pile of copies of My Ignorant Youth (Infact the top copy was covered in spots of blood and it was the one that Kate tweeted).


I Just Love You More
Do Wah Doo
Kiss That Grrrl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt
Later On
I’ve Got A Secret
Mansion Song
Model Behaviour
R’n’B Side
Merry Happy


Pumpkin Soup

OVERALL: This gig was fantastic. It is always a pleasure to see Kate play live plus Brigitte was supporting as well. As for the fall at the end of Pumpkin Soup Kate suffered just a split chin. Now I have seen Brigitte play on a number of occasions and the fact she now has a backing band worked wonders. Also there was plenty of glitter during her set.


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