Rachel Furner @ Firetrap 30th March 2011

London was the 3rd and final stop for the Firetrap Sessions. This event had taken place in Firetrap stores in Edinburgh and Nottingham earlier on in the month. Headlining this night was Rachel Furner whom is completely phenomenal considering she is only 18 years old. 2011 is set to be the year of the stripe and based on the 5 tracks performed this is Rachel’s time to shine. Earlier on in the day Furner had mentioned on twitter that it would be a completely new set and true to her word there were 4 new songs and 1 oldie. Now I have been aware of Rachel’s music for a couple of years and she has been improving ever since. Now the 4 new songs were complete crackers and just picking out tracks for the debut album will be one tough task. Kicking things off was Feng Shui and for the beginning of this song Furner was on her stripey keyboard. Now this cracking song had infectious lyrics which were delivered faultlessly. The chorus was powerful and the song was slightly upbeat. I look forward to hearing the mastered version of this song. It was obvious that Rachel was enjoying singing her songs to a packed out audience. The next new song on the night was Glitter. Furner was a glitter princess. She was covered in glitter and you could see that it was in her hair as well. This song was very upbeat and was delivered perfectly. Basically in the song Rachel told us by singing  “All that glitters is gold”.  It was then back to the keyboard for a solo Rachel song this being the ballad Unravel. There is slight emotion in this song and Furner delivered it beautifully. The penultimate song was another cracker which Rachel delivered perfectly. This song being Like Stars. It actually reminded me of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette. End Of The World was the last song of the night. “This came about because me and my friend were talking about what we would do if the world was ending” Furner told the audience before launching into the song. Now I loved the chorus to this song was very upbeat. There is a party feel to this song and you can also have a dance to it. Definately one that should appear on the forthcoming album.


Feng Shui
Like Stars
End Of The World

OVERALL: This night was fantastic. It was nice to see Rachel again singing and it is obvious she was enjoying herself performing to the packed audience. After being a fan of Rachel’s music for almost two years I finally met her for the first time. She is such a sweet and smiley person. I look forward to see her perform again and I advise everyone to at least check out this wonderful artist. At only 18 she has got a cracking pair of lungs also Furner is a song writer which is fantastic.

Now I mustn’t forget about the support acts. Opening up the night was 5 piece band The Stow. It was the first time I had seen them perform live and I am sure the music will grow on me. There was a little bit of crowd participation during this 4 song set. The second band on the night was Bright Light Bright Light. I have seen them perform live before and I love the pop songs that they sung on the night. At only 4 songs this was surely a little taster of what to expect from the debut album. During the first song there was a bit of trouble when the mixer went wrong but the band picked themselves up and delivered 4 fantastic songs.


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