KT Tunstall @ HMV Forum 8th March 2011

Once I had reached the HMV Forum there were around 8 people gathered round the front entrance. These people were the Tunstall faithfull who had attended prior dates of the Tiger Suit tour. So during the waiting I saw both KT and Charlotte Hatherley walking past to get inside the venue. It was nice that KT stopped to sign stuff and have photos taken. The reason behind this was that Tunstall said she wouldn’t be out after the gig. Each of us got our tickets signed and once everyone had items signed/ photos taken KT then left to go inside. Actually the Tunstall group were the first ones to get inside 10 minutes before the doors opened. I already knew a couple of people in this group prior to the gig so when inside it was nice being able to stroll to the front. This night which was the final stop of the UK Tiger Suit tour was also being recorded onto CD which you could purchase after the gig. Opening up the evening was by Scottish artist The Pictish Trail. I  previously saw him supporting Slow Club at The Union Chapel in 2009. There was also a dash of comedy within his set which was nice. The 30 second songs were hilarious. I will definately see him play in the future. So after Johnny finished his set it was then onto a 30 minute change over period.

“Evening London” KT said the moment she got onto the stage. “How are you (I’m) Very glad to be here. First gig ever at The Forum love North London”. Tunstall then went onto say that they would be playing new stuff. “And you can boo, and I shall mock you for standing in the way of progress” then said before launching into a full blown version of Come On, Get In. This sog was delivered perfectly by KT and it went down well with the sold out crowd. It was the onto Glamour Puss and the loop pedal was heavily used during the song. “Think my bum looks small in this” “When I got this guitar I said to the band does this make me look like a dwarf? and they said yeah but a really cool dwarf” Tunstall told the crowd before starting the song. Now this is one of my many favourites from the new album Tiger Suit. It is rocked up and the lyrics are extremely catchy. After plenty of applause Tunstall then went on to reveal that Uummannaq Song was written in Greenland on the boat whilst being surrounded by icebergs. Uummannaq is actually is a town in northern Greenland. There is a electro feel to the song and again the loop pedal was used right at the start. My favourite bit of this song has to be the chorus and I enjoyed its fast pace as well. “Would anybody like to hear a old one” Tunstall said which resulted in plenty of cheers. The mellowing False Alarm was next up. KT was on her acoustic guitar for this song and it was delivered perfectly. It was then onto If Only which was taken from the second LP Drastic Fantastic. Before this song the rest of the band were introduced. Now this was the first time I had experienced this song live and there was a steady pace to it. After the round of applause it was then straight into the next song Other Side Of The World. KT was by herself for this song. The song was a real crowd pleaser and it felt slightly intimate with the fact it was just Tunstall on stage singing this beautiful song. “This is a new new song, this is, well it’s out but you probably won’t of heard of it” KT told the cowd before revealing more about the song “This is basically a song about a tree that thinks that people suck, because all the people have cut down all his mates and he’s just fed up, and he’d prefer to be a little stump”.

The Hidden Heart was the name of this fantastic song. Actually I found it to be quite spine tingling and the vocals were extraordinary. Once over there was a rapture of applause and then it was onto another oldie which was Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. This song got everyone whipped up in a frenzy. This song was pure perfection and I liked its fast pace. It is a song that can get you moving. It was then onto 3 songs from the latest album Tiger Suit the first being Difficulty which had a stunning guitar riff introduction from Charlotte Hatherley. After this incredible song KT then launched herself into Lost. This was a beautiful ballad and its lyrics geled perfectly to the soothing melody of the song. “Cheers” a humble Tunstall told the crowd. “This next song is for anybody in this room whose been though a traumatic alien abduction”. Now Golden Frames is slightly dark but at the same time it has fantastic lyrics. My favourite part had to be the chorus. Back to the Drastic Fantastic songs this being Saving My Face which was about Platic Surgery. “I think plastic surgery needs to get alot more creative”. Back to the song it is beautiful and it is delivered faultlessly. Once the rest of the band come in, the song gets more uptempo and stronger as it progresses. “Would you say Margaret is a naughty name?” KT said before playing Madame Trudeaux. This song was about the Canadian Prime Minister’s Wife “Maggie Trudeau” and the fact she ran off with The Rolling Stones for a few days. Now this song oozed plenty of energy and it was extremely powerful. “So the other cool thing about today is that out there is Tuesday, in here it’s Friday” and the next song of the night was Push That Knot Away. This song was energetic and a real audience pleaser. It was like a disco and there were people with glowsticks waving them in the air. The night ended with a personal favourite of mine. This being Fade Like A Shadow. “Thankyou for buying the tickets, so no one else could come” KT said before revealing the gig was being recorded to purchase at the end of the night. This was a extremely upbeat fast infused song which at the same time is highly contagious. It actually talks about accepting that a relationship has run its course, with the lovers parting ways. KT and co then leave the stage only for the audience to anticipate the encore. A minute later the band return to a rapture of applause. “This next one is for all the maddies” “It’s quite a large percentage of London, but you know the next time you see the crazy loopy guy talking to himself, he’s just saying it out loud” Tunstall said before launching into the first single taken from the Tiger Suit album. Now I love (Still A) Weirdo it is gentle song and tells a story that life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. What came next was special indeed. This being a cover by The Cure and the song being Close To Me. KT introduced The Pictish Trail back to the stage for this song. Now I really liked the take on this song it was very unique. Ending the night was a blistering performance of Suddenly I See. Before the song KT ordered everyone on the balcony to stand up. They stormed through this song and I reckon it is a good choice to end on as it oozes plenty of enery.


Come On, Get In
Glamour Puss
Uummannaq Song
False Alarm
If Only
Other Side Of The World
The Hidden Heart
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
Golden Frames
Saving My Face
Madame Trudeaux
Push That Knot Away
Fade Like A Shadow


(Still A) Weirdo
Close To Me
Suddenly I See

OVERALL: It was a pleasure to see KT live again. It was only the 3rd time I had seen her perform but I am positive it won’t be the last. Meeting Tunstall before the gig was really nice plus meeting other members of the forum was a nice little bonus. All in all this night was fantastic and also The Pictish Trail was an excellent support act. The cover of Close To Me was spectacular so was new song The Hidden Heart. After the gig had finished I purchased the CD so now I can relive KT’s set over and over again.


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