Noah and the Whale @ Rough Trade East 7th March 2011

“That was a incredibly weird walk on” Fink told crowd before revealing that they had a MPC2000 accompanying the band on drums because of the size of the stage. They kicked things off with the forthcoming single Tonight’s The Kind Of Night which is slated for a May release. This song sounds more Pop than folk and it was a right cracker. They just breezed through the song and you can also picture the story behind the song through the lyrics. “Thankyou very much for coming” Charlie told the packed crowd after there was a massive round of applause. Following on was Blue Skies which was released off the prior album First Days Of Spring. The first line from this song is “This is a song for anyone with a broken heart”. Even though this is a sad song lyrics wise it is mellowing at the same time. When you compare this song to anything from the new album Last Night On Earth you do notice the difference. There was then a rapture of applause once the song was over. Next it was back to something taking from the new album. This being Waiting For My Chance To Come which is extremely uptempo. I must say that this song was incredible and one of my personal highlights from the new album. “This song is called Life Is Life” Fink told the crowd before launching into the song. Now I really like the beat to Life Is Life and just like the previous song Charlie is on his acoustic guitar. One of the lines in the song is “And feels like his new life can start” and you do wonder if Fink is referring to himself as the new album is alot more perkier than prior album First Days Of Spring. After the song Charlie told the crowd “That performance of Life Is Life with a MPC is the first step in a series of about 5 or 6 steps towards us making a pop record”. The fun song 5 Years Time was next. This was taken from the debut album Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down. Again Charlie is on his acoustic guitar for this classic song. I actually miss the ukelele. Well this energetic song was a real crowd pleaser. “So thankyou very much for coming to launch our Rough Trade instore” Charlie told the crowd. There was only one song which could cap of a incredible night this being the current single L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. This contagious song saw Fink back on the electric guitar. Now the lyrics are fantastic and you will find yourself singing along to them. Also it captivates you from beginning to end.


Tonight’s The Kind Of Night
Blue Skies
Waiting For My Chance To Come
Life Is Life
5 Years Time

OVERALL: Last Night On Earth is probably the best album the band has released. It is more uplifting and perkier compared to the second album First Days Of Spring. Each track off of Last Night On Earth are complete crackers and you can clearly picture a story to each of the songs from the lyrics sung. As for the instore it was amazing to see them play in such a tiny place. Instores in record shops are always the best because it makes it so intimate. Just hearing Blue Skies and 5 Years Time were added bonuses. This instore was packed capacity wise and it’s so nice to see the bands fanbase growing. I remember the days when I saw them play both at Banquet Records and Puregroove. After seeing them play yet again I am counting down the days until I next see them play live.


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