Pocket Satellite @ Old Queen’s Head 6th March 2011

Pocket Satellite are a band I recommend to everyone who likes Folk/ Pop music. Now I am also a fan of Slow Club and there are slight comparisons between both bands. At the moment they have released two EPs which are Toy Train and most recently Paper Aviator. The tracks on both albums are smooth, gentle, soothing and mellowing. I can actually put Paper Aviator on constant repeat. Well the band are Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk and siblings Ruth and Tom Dixon. The evening was part of the All Dayer that they hold every Sunday. Pocket Satellite took to the stage around 5pm. “We’re Pocket Satellite” Maya told the crowd before launching into the beautiful Parachutes. This is one soft and mellowing song. At the same time it is also very entrancing and the lyrics are ever so wonderful. The fun song Windows was next. This upbeat song was sung by both Carl and Maya. Even though this song is slightly cheesy it is extremely catchy at the same time. Following on was We Chased Soldiers. This song features on the first EP Toy Train and album Disappearing Stars. Before the song Zosmer mentioned about the EPs they had in a nice pack with a nice ribbon which her and her mum spent a hour completing. Rocks and Shoes was next. This is my favourite song by far and it is so entrancing at the same time. Before launching into the song Zosmer mentioned about the offputting mirror at the back of the room. “Maybe I’ll shift” she then went onto say. As well as being entrancing it is also gentle, mellow, soothing and mesmerising at the same time. It actually reminds me alot of Apples and Pairs by folk duo Slow Club. It was then onto the fantastic song Toy Train which featured on the self titled EP. The harmonising was spot on. “This song is about how people don’t let people sit on tubes on the underground” Maya told the audience before launching into the chilled out Leave Your Metro. Tom was on glockenspiel for this song and Ruth was on cello. The vocals were beautiful and the infusion of guitar, cello and glockenspiel worked wonders. The night then ended with another fun song. This being Man On A Boat. It is the first song that features on the current EP Paper Aviator and I love it’s fast pace. The song itself was infact delivered very strongly.


We Chased Soldiers
Rocks and Shoes
Toy Train
Leave Your Metro
Man On A Boat


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