Peggy Sue @ The Luminaire 4th March 2011

This was the final farewell. The Luminaire which had been a quality music venue in Kilburn had closed it’s doors on 31st December 2010.  To have this venue close was a huge disappointment considering it only had been in existence since 2005. The Luminaire had hosted some top class bands and this week was wake week. A final farewell was always planned for March 2011 and this then saw gigs take place between the 2nd – 7th March 2011. As soon as it was announced Peggy Sue were to play one of these gigs I purchased my ticket straight away. The event was hosted by Platforms: Live and also featured The Mariners Children and Lulu and the Lampshades. Unfortunately I didn’t stay for the set by The Mariners Children. I would of liked to have stayed but with the fact the stage times showed they would be on at 10.20pm was too late in my books. The doors opened around 8pm and then people started making their way inside the venue. Once inside I took to my normal place which was front right centre. There were notices up advising people to not sit down on the steps due to the fact it will get packed later on. The first support act was Lulu and the Lampshades. I hadn’t seen this group since 2009 so it was nice to hear old material plus a couple of new songs. Well this folk band are amazing and the new songs went down really well. In fact the only songs I had heard the last time I saw them play were Cold Water and Rose Tint. Cold Water is actually the name of the bands current EP.

It was nearing 9.40pm when Peggy Sue took to the stage. The band are Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw and Olly Joyce. I have been supporting this band since I first saw them support Kate Nash at Concorde 2 in 2007. The set was mainly new songs with the addition of a couple of old ones. Opening up the night was Song and Dance. I long to hear the studio version of this incredible song. There is no doubt that this song will appear on the second album. It is nice to know that they have stuck with the same formulae and their sound hasn’t changed while writing the new album in the States. “We’re Peggy Sue. We’re playing some new songs horribly horribly nervous and you have to be kind” Katy told the audience before launching into This Constant Night. I liked this song it is slighly uptempo and extremely powerful. After a huge round of applause Rosa then went to say “It’s really nice to be here” then Katy chipped it and said “But sad, Bittersweet”. Rosa then went on to reveal that the band played some of their first gigs at this venue. I really liked the lyrics of Funeral Beat. Now this was a strong song which was belted out. After a lenthy tune up it was onto Maltilda which came from the debut album. Once the song was over Rosa mentioned that they had recorded the 2nd album with John Parish (PJ Harvey). They then launched into Big Pop Hit (Post Superman) Yo Mama. The penultimate song being All We’ll Keep and both Rosa and Katy sang this song. They got through this song smoothly and the way it started grabbed everyones attention. “This is gonna be our last song” Rosa told the crowd which resulted in a few groans. The set closer was There Always Was which again was a brand new song. this song capped off what was a fantastic 7 track set. I can’t wait to hear the studio versions of each of the new songs. Just hearing 5 new songs live makes me anticipate the new album.


Song and Dance
This Constant Night
Funeral Beat
Yo Mama
All We’ll Keep
There Always Was


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