The Pierces @ The Lock Tavern 3rd March 2011

Birmingham, Alabama’s very own The Pierces made a surprise appearence at the Young And Lost Club acoustic night. This event took place at Camden pub The Lock Tavern. I arrived at the venue about 7.30 and just found somewhere to sit until they took to the stage at 9.15pm. Now the stage of The Lock Tavern was extremely small and it made the evening very intimate. This set was completely acoustic plus the songs were stripped back as well. As soon as sisters Catherine and Alison Pierce took to the stage they then launched into I Will Not Be Fogotten and this song was delivered superbly. This was a perfect folk song which is beautiful at the same time as well. The fact that the room upstairs at The Lock Tavern was so intimate it made the acoustic set even more special. “This next song is called Love You More” Catherine told the audience straight after the applause for I Will Not Be Fogotten. Love You More is the title track of the bands most recent EP. Catherine mainly sung this song with Alison providing the harmonies. This song was very strong and it was one Catherine just belted out. Secret was next on the night and this is probably the most mainstream song due to the fact it has bee played in some TV shows. Well this song is about how nobody can keep a secret. The song itself is extremely haunting when you carefully listen to the lyrics. Come to think about it, Secret is a dark song which was delivered superbly. “This next song is called You’ll Be Mine and we have been here the past month promoting this song” Catherine told the audience. She then went onto say “We’re playing it on a morning show tomorrow really early. Unfortunately we won’t be able to  have a drink with you guys after”. Now You’ll Be Mine is a uptempo uplifting song.  I really like this song and it is the title track of the EP which is released on 7th March. “If you want to see us on TV doing that tomorrow, you gotta get up at 9am and tune into Daybreak” Catherine then told the audience when the song was over. Next it was onto We Are Stars and Catherine revealed what the song is about. “This is about how we are all made of the same stuff, and we all have the same desires. It’s also about how there’s a big amazing world out there for all of us to experience but if you’re not getting love from the person you want it from you don’t even see all that stuff”. This song was beautiful, very light and smooth as well. I loved the lyrics they fitted with what Alison was playing on the guitar perfectly. The soft I Put Your Records On was the penultimate song and it shouldn’t be confused with the Corinne Bailey Rae song. Now this song was soft, soothing and mellowing at the same time. Ending the night was Glorious which capped off what had beem a magical night. Both Catherine and Alison sang this powerful song which was delivered remarkably. Each time I have seen the band live this has always been the end piece. This song went down well with the audience and there was a rapture of applause once over.


I Will Not Be Forgotten
Love You More
You’ll Be Mine
We Are Stars
Put Your Records On

OVERALL: Sisters Catherine and Alison were superb on this wonderful night. It was amazing to see them play in such a intimate venue. The Pierces have grown on me ever since I attended the Clarks instore two weeks ago. This was only the third time I had seen them play live but I can guarantee it wasn’t the last time. In fact they have been living in the UK for the past month where as the rest of the band went back to America. I anticipate the album You & I and the next time they perform live.


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