Ellie Goulding @ St Martins In The Field 3rd March 2011

To mark the 20th birthday of The Big Issue a secret busk was organised featuring the one and only Ellie Goulding. In fact Goulding was the cover star of the latest issue of this magazine. The event which took place in the courtyard of St Martins In The Field and was kicking off at 12.30pm. I arrived at the courtyard round about 12pm and there were 30ish fans waiting patiently for Ellie to appear. As to be expected with free events like this more people turned up. My rough guess would be about 150+ people were there. It was a bitterly cold day and everyone was freezing waiting for Goulding to arrive. She turned up around 1pm and apologised for being late. The set consisted of 5 songs which everyone knew. Opening up was Guns and Horses which sounded amazing and sung perfectly. A few people complained due to the fact it was being recorded and couldn’t see as their view was being blocked. The upcoming single Lights was the next song which was stripped back. Before launching into the song Ellie gave her guitar to one fan in the audience to hold till the very end. “If anyone is really cold they can have my coat” Goulding told the crowd. “Actually maybe not on second thoughts” she went onto say after there was alot of interest for the coat. Your Song was next and people started to sing along. Now this song went down well with the crowd and people even started clapping along before it was over. The Writer followed on and there were a couple of people singing along to this slushy ballad. This is such a beautiful song you can’t help but fall in love with it. Starry Eyed then capped off a lovely busk.The song itself started off quiet then got stronger as the song progressesd. After when Ellie had finished the song everyone swarmed round her just to get something signed or a picture. After seeing all these people crowd round Goulding I then decided just to make my way back after seeing something truly incredible.


Guns and Horses
Your Song
The Writer
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this busk. Suporting Ellie was both Chris Ketley and Maxwell Cooke whom both played on acoustic guitar. I like hearing music when it is stripped back and this was just that. We may be into the Spring season but it felt like the middle of Winter. After Ellie finished Starry Eyed everyone swarmed round her to get something signed or a photo.


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