Alex Winston @ Rough Trade East 22nd February 2011

Only a handful of people turned up to see this fresh new talent play at Rough Trade East in conjunction of the current Sister Wife EP. Having attended Alex Winston’s gig the night before I can tell when someone has the X Factor. Now Alex whom was had recently signed a record performed something which was both different and incredible. I turned up at 5pm in hope to get the wristband for the event. After purchasing the phenomenol EP Sister Life I was then told that I wouldn’t need a wristband and can just turn up. Normally when you don’t need a wristband the audience isn’t as huge as the big bands who aave played at this store. Come to think about it I saw Florence and the Machine and Everything Everything which were both wristband events and people had to queue outside. Well this wasn’t the case this time meaning I could just mill about the store waiting for 7pm to come. Around 6pm the band started soundchecking and Alex’s voice was powerful as ever. She wasn’t even using a microphone!! I then got my CD signed before the instore and had a little chat with Alex which was very nice. Actually they came onto the stage a little later than 7pm. It did cross my mind that what if they were stuck in the photobooth. Now all 7 members of the band crammed into the Rough Trade photobooth for a band photo. This wasn’t to be the case as they took to the stage nearing 7.10pm.

Now what made this instore even special was the fact there was no microphones whatsoever. This was going to be completely acoustic and their voices were the only instruments they had. Opening the night was Last One Standing which does not feature on the EP. Still it doesn’t stop it from a fantastic song which has some amazing verses. You cannot help but clap along to this song. Continuing on with the audience participation was the first single to be taken from the EP. This being the perfect Choice Notes. This song which has appeared in Hyundi adverts in both UK and Europe has to be the most main stream song Alex has got. Now this was a uplifting song. Locomotive showed off Alex’s incredible vocal range and also her Sister Wives harmonise perfectly. As with the first two songs there was plenty of clapping along. Before the penultimate song Winston mentioned about Rough Trade had labelled the EP as being called Sister Life. Now Sister Wife was a personal highlight for me as it is ever so contagious. It was plain to see that the band were enjoying themselves. The final song of what was a remarkable evening was Medicine. This song does not appear on the EP Sister Wife but did appear as a AA side with Choice Notes. Still it was the perfect song to end the night. With all the songs on the night each involved alot of clapping. Like all the songs I enjoyed the acoustic element and the harmonising by the Sister Wives was incredible. The three boys of the band are Londoners so this was the last time they would be playing together. Still they all geled together perfectly It actually felt there was a tiny bit of a gospel element to the songs.


Last One Standing
Choice Notes
Sister Wife

OVERALL: I enjoyed this night and so did everyone else. I most definately see Alex being big this time next year. She has now signed a record deal and I hope the record company get behind her and promote like crazy. Winston definately has what it takes and I predict she will be a rising star of 2011 and will be the Next Big Thing in 2012.


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  1. Emma says:

    Thanks for your youtube uploads of this performance! They’re great.

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