Sunday Girl @ The Cat & Mutton 20th February 2011

Musicians and Tea Parties are something you would never expect to see combined. This then proved that Jade Williams (AKA Sunday Girl) is one of a kind as she threw the very first Sunday Girl tea party which turned out to be a resounding success. This took place upstairs of The Cat & Mutton pub and attending were friends and fans. I attended because I love the music by Sunday Girl and I look forward to when the debut album is out. It was a nice touch that Jade greeted everyone seperately when they arrived. The very first song played when I arrived was Sunday Girl by Blondie. Now the  room looked very organised and pretty. A lot of effort had gone into making this truly remarkable. There were two tables full of cake and sweets. On one of the tables there were even candles plus a large brown china dog. The arts and crafts part of the evening took place in a seperate part of the room. I even took part in making my own Sunday Girl necklace. I was by myself so therefore creating a necklace was something to do before Jade’s live performance.

7.30pm then came and this was the moment I had been waiting for. A stripped back acoustic set by Jade worked wonders. The set was a short but sweet 5 songs. There is no doubt whatsoever that these tracks will appear on the debut album. The music by Sunday Girl is pop at its best plus they are extremely infectious as well. Opening up this stripped back set was Laura Branigan cover Self Control. Hearing this song acoustic was a real treat and it was delivered faultlessly. Jade just breezed through this song. 24 Hours was next and I really adore its chorus plus it is powerful at the same time. Now Jade’s vocal ability when she sang Brixton sent shivers up my spine. She hit the high notes at ease.  In fact Brixton is Williams’s home town. After, people then shout for two more songs Jade then launches into the incredible All The Songs. This song is slightly uptempo and it is a strong one at the same time. Ending what was a fantastic acoustic set was the current single Stop Hey. Now I love this song which is extremely infectious. My favourite part of the song is the chorus. “Stop Hey… Don’t Walk Away” how can anyone  walk away from Jade’s songs which are sheer pop perfection. Now once the song was over there was plenty of applause. I had just witnessed something truly incredible and just hearing these songs stripped back was really special indeed


Self Control
24 Hours
All The Songs
Stop Hey

This tea party which I hope is a first of many was a fantastic success. It shows that Jade Williams is extremely special. She likes designing everything from artwork to her own set design now to her very own tea party. Everyone whom put this incredible evening together did a wonderful job. Also Jade was the perfect host and  I certainly had the time of my life at this unique event. I’m positive other people left on a high as well. What I found sweet was the fact Jade gave me a copy of Stop Hey just as a thankyou for coming. Now I love that song and I cant wait to have it playing on my vinyl player.

OVERALL: Sunday Girl is someone you have to see live. If you are a fan of pop music then Jade Williams is the girl for you. Even though 5 songs were sung on the night there are plenty more under her belt. Just hearing her play these songs acoustically was amazing because it is something I won’t witness again. I will most definately see Sunday Girl live again but those performances would be with a band.

Check her out at:

Or go to her very own blog:

Stop Hey is out now and it is a contagious song which I am sure everybody will love. Human Love which will be the 4th single is scheduled to be released on 10th April. The untitled debut album will also be unleashed later this year.


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