The Saturdays @ HMV Apollo 17th February 2011

I arrived outside the venue at 7.30pm. The reason why I turned up late was down to the fact the gig was all seated. My ticket was for Seat 7 in Row D. The first band took to the stage at 7.45 and this being three piece band Twenty Twenty. I had previously saw them support Selena Gomez & The Scene at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2010. Twenty Twenty are brothers, Sam & Jack and their friend Sonny.  They began playing together a couple of years ago and recorded some tunes for Myspace which quickly gained them a loyal following and some great supports with the likes of Saving Aimee and Go Audio. However such was the demand for the band they soon started headlining their own sell out 1000 capacity shows in the likes of Manchester. Newcastle and London and had two sold out nights at Glasgows King Tuts. Kerrang Video of The Week and summer festival appearances with names like JLS, Calvin Harris & Tinchy Stryder saw the band cross over to a huge pop audience and the fanbase swelled with teenage girls. Currently signed to Geffen Records I can see a bright future for this band. It was ashame that the venue was not full to capacity because they are amazing live. They completely rocked it out plus there is the addition of infectious pop in the songs. Actually Twenty Twenty can be the UK’s answer to Simple Plan. I must say my favourite Twenty Twenty song was Worlds Apart. There was also some audience participation when the band sung forthcoming single Love To Life. Overall this band were a excellent choice of warm up act. Definately keep a eye on them because they have some cracking songs Burning Up being another one of them.

Now Six D were a 6 piece band consisting of world champion street dancer Levon De Silva, Kieran Edmonds, Cassie MacMillan, Chantelle Bernard, Pierre Angus and Kimmy Campbell. In fact Six D have been working with Lady Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s creative director and choreographer in the recording studio. Plus they have the likes of Wayne Wilkins (Cheryl Cole, Beyonce), Jim Jonsin (Eminem, Drake) and others writing with them. Regarding the set the acrobatics were incredible. When coming onto the stage each member did a impressive backflip. Two of the songs that were sung on the night were So Easy and forthcoming single Best Damn Night. I enjoyed the set but the only negative thing about it was down to the poor lip syncing. That is just my opinion it doesn’t take away the fact they are an amazing unique band.

It wasn’t that long till the headlining band took to the stage. So around 9pm that is when things kicked off. The tune to Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce was played. Instead of lyrics lucky fans of The Saturdays got a shout out during this introduction. The names blended to the tune of the song. The curtain dropped and a introduction video was shown. This was clips of newspapers and various Headlines about the band. The audience were going crazy when the band made their entrance. Higher was the first song on the night. The band who consist of Mollie King, Una Healy, Rochelle Wiseman, Frankie Sandford and Vanessa White make their way down the stairs to sing the majority of the song on the stage. Now the dance routines were amazing and the one thing I admired was they sung completely live. Everyone was going crazy and this was the perfect song to get the audience worked up for what was to come. They then make their way up the steps to finish the song. Following on was One Shot. This was powerful song and the majority is sung by Rochelle. This was mainly sung on the higher platform of the stage and towards the end they come down the stairs to finish off the song. “I’ve got one question for you guys are you guys and that is are ready to party?” Wiseman asked the crowd before it as revealed that it was infact being recorded. Up which was from the debut album Chasing Lights followed on and they gel together perfectly as a band. I know they have been together since 2007 but this was the first time I had attended a Saturdays concert. Again I must mention about the choreography which was fantastic. They all went offstage and what was played was a video interlude. They made their entrance by sitting on the seats which appeared on the cover to EP Headlines. Now this song was Lose Control and I simply adore this catchy track. “This next track that we are going to do is a exclusive to the Headlines tour because we’ve never performed it as a band before the Headlines tour. It’s from our 2nd album Wordshaker, this is Denial” Healy told the crowd before launching into the song. They were all seated on the steps that were on the left hand side of the stage. This is a beautiful gentle song which got the cheers. The harmonies were pure perfection. A video interludeshowing footage of The Saturdays 24/7  followed on.

That screen then splits in two and the band have had their first costume change and have their hands tied up for next song Puppet. The ribbon was to resemble string. This is slightly dark song lyrics wise and I love the chorus. “Like a p-p-p-p-puppet on a string. Make you dance, make you sing, buy my fancy things, buy my fancy things”. Once the song ended Una went onto say “Our last tour we only had one album to go from where as we have 3 now and it’s so good to see you all singing along to all our singles as well as our album tracks. So we want you to be the loudest crowd to date. So come on London sing along with us”. The cheers were deafening. The next song on the night was to be the first song released by the band and this being Up. The song went down well with the sold out audience. Died In Your Eyes followed on and this was stripped back. The band was sitting on the stairs while Una was playig the acoustic guitar. They belted out this beautiful ballad at ease. What came next was a Medley of Rihanna songs. These songs were Love The Way You Lie, What’s My Name? and Only Girl (In The World). This medley was simply incredible the Love The Way You Lie part was only a snipped of the song. They truly put their own spin on these songs which the rest of the crowd loved. If This Is Love followed on and the rest of the crowd loved this song. Continuing on with the song from first album Chasing Lights was the beautiful balled Issues. Again there had been another costume change and they were each in brightly coloured dresses.

Headlines track Karma followed on before a brand new track. Turn Myself In was the next song and Una urged people to sing along as she had noticed fans joining in with the singing along at previous dates. Well this  song which will feature on the forthcoming 4th album had a strong chorus. I anticipate hearing the studio version of this song. It was then onto Vanessa’s favourite part of the show and this was taking pictures of the audience. “This one we’re going to dedicate to you guys” Mollie told the crowd before launching into Here Standing.  Again this was another beautiful power ballad. The harmonising is superb and there is a slight dash of emotion in the song. Just Can’t Get Enough was the final song on the night and this is a song you could have a dance about to. I loved the tempo of the song plus the lyrics. I know it is a cover version but they make it their own. Also each member come onto the stage with a bunch of balloons. People were even singing along to this brilliant song. When it was over they left the stage and let go of the balloons each member was holding. Once the song was over everyone wanted to hear more. The screen that showed the video interludes then kept on showing messages like do you want to hear more etc. The cheers by the crowd were ear splitting. They then all come back onto the stage only to launch into Forever Is Over. Before we are taken back to last summer the band are then introduced. The penultimate encore song was Missing You. The final song on the night was the song that made me so desperate to see The Saturdays play life. Before this song Frankie revealed some interesting news this being the fact they are touring in December. The final song being the infectious Ego. Everyone was out of their seats dancing along to this song. This song was energetic and the dance moves were superb.


One Shot
Lose Control
Died In Your Eyes
Rihanna Medley: Love The Way You Lie / Whats My Name? / Only Girl (In The World)
If This is Love
Turn Myself In
Here Standing
Just Can’t Get Enough


Forever Is Over
Missing You

OVERALL: First the support acts were brilliant. Both impressed me in different ways. If I was to choose which band I reckon will go further in the music industry I would pick Twenty Twenty. Now I am just basing that on the performance on the night. As for The Saturdays I was captivated all the way through. My eyes were on them and just hearing the songs were amazing. They are proof that you can both dance and sing live at the same time. As for the new song Turn Myself In I am sure it will grow on me. Now this song doesn’t fit in the same Bubble gum Pop genre that the first two albums are in. I am positive the new album will impress loads and I cannot wait to have hold of a copy of it. As for that December tour, I am excited about it because it means new material to showcase. If rumours are to be believed the December tour will be just arenas.


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