The Pierces @ Clarks 18th February 2011

After having played at The Bath House for Clarks the night before Birmingham, Alabama’s very own The Pierces returned to put on a evening show as part of the Clarks Originals Takeover. Bands whom have played at the Regent Street store have included Summer Camp, Fyfe Dangerfield and Pete and the Pirarates to name but a few. The prior night at The Bath House The Pierces played a intimate gig supporting the Guillemots. After having missed the show the prior day I was therefore looking forward to this set. I arrived around 5pm. Clarks on Regent Street was a tiny shop and there was no more than 50 people watching this amazing set. Kicking things off was I Will Not Be Forgotten which was delivered superbly. This set was completely acoustic plus the songs were stripped back as well. This is a perfect folk song which is beautiful at the same time as well. There is no doubt that this will feature on album You & I when it is released at the end of May. “I must confess we have never played in a shoe store before” Catherine said before going on to say “We may be each others firsts so we’ll never forget this night”. Now I loved instore performances that take place in the strangest locations. Drag You Down was the next song of the evening. The way that both of their vocals gel together is impressive. The harmonies are spot on. Love You More followed on and this was the title track of their most recent EP. “Some people may recognise this song, it’s been on a couple of TV shows and it’s about how nobody can keep a secret” Catherine Pierce told the audience. Well this song being the haunting song Secret. I love the lyrics and the melody to this song. It is both haunting and dark and the harmonies by Alison were incredible. “We’re The Pierces, I’m Catherine Pierce and this is my lovely sister Alison Piece” before going onto reveal that You’ll Be Mine is going to feature on the forthcoming EP to be released 7th March.

You’ll Be Mine is actually a uptempo song which sounded amazing. We Are Stars followed on and this was a beautiful song. Not to be confused with the Corinne Bailey Rae was I Put Your Records On. Before the song Catherine told the audience “We just have a couple of more for you and this is a soft one. This is about when happens when you date musicians“. Alison then chipped in and said “Which Catherine and I don’t recommend”. This song was soft, soothing and mellowing at the same time. Ending the night was Glorious. “You’ve been the best audience we ever had in a shoe store. Definately I’ve never felt so close to an audience” Catherine said which had most people laughing. This song rounded off what was a lovely evening spent hearing music which I adored. The Pierces are a fantastic Folk/ Pop band and they had some cracking songs. I am anticipating the release of album You & I which will be released on May 23rd. After two EP’s I reckon this album will put The Pierces back on the map.


I Will Not Be Forgotten
Drag You Down
Love You More
You’ll Be Mine
We Are Stars
I Put Your Records On


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