Florrie @ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen 16th February 2011

It was only to be expected that the doors to Hoxton Bar and Kitchen opened late. Doors were supposed to open at 8pm only to open 30 minutes later. Playing on the night were Lingo Scott, Mercedes, Sparkadia and Florrie. To be honest I was not relishing being at a gig till gone 11pm. I like my gigs that end at 10.30 and have a set curfew so you can then plan your way home. Will we ever see this venue open on time?? I don’t think that will ever happen.

The first artist on the night was Lingo Scott whom had been featured on BBC Introducing with the tip of the week Elope. Currently he remains unsigned but judging this 6 track set I don’t think it will be that long till a record label comes knocking. The changeover times were kept to a minimum and next up on the night was Mercedes whom sung a short but sweet 3 song set. One of the songs sung was Shock Absorber. This girl is extremely talented and she raps as well. It is worth keeping your eye on her. Sparkadia was the penultimate band on the night. The set was kept to 7 songs and included a impressive cover of Acapella by Kellis. This Australian band formed in 2004 and have supported some fantastic bands Pet Shop Boys, The Temper Trap, Elbow to name but a few. This band have a massive following and there were alot of people that made their way to the front. Mary is the first single by the band which was released on the Gold Dust label on 14th February. It also is a fantastic song. Will Sparkadia be the next big thing?? Judging by this performance I think they will.

Headlining the night was 22 year old Florrie Arnold. Amazingly she is not signed to a record label and the music that she produces is offered free to the fans. I guess Florrie wants to improve on the style of her music, get her music out there and gain more fans before getting signed. Well Arnold took to the stage at 10.45 with the rest of her band. Florrie’s blonde hair was really frizzy. Opening up the set was Panic Attack. There was a party vibe and Panic Attack was a upbeat song which was delivered perfectly. Behind Arnold there was a video being played. This video wasn’t that clear as it blended in with the curtain. But this video showed Florrie and looked very Marilyn Monroe esque. This song also showed us Florrie’s amazing drum skills. “I’m Florrie, Thanks for coming down tonight” she then said before playing Call Of The Wild which features on her Introduction EP. There was a fast pace to this song and it has catchy lyrics which blend well with the music. I actually really liked this song. Following on was Left It Too Late which again appears on the EP. Florrie was on the guitar for this powerful song and she breezed through it at ease. The thing I liked about this whole set was the fact it was not ever so heavy. After a rapture of applause Florrie immediately launched herself into Give Me Your Love. I actually adore the lyrics. One of those lyrics being “Forget my name”  well am positive we wont forget Florrie’s name. After the song had finished she then mentions that it was taken from the debut EP. Arnold then went onto say “I’m actually writing a new one at the minute and I can’t wait for you all to hear it”  before singing Summer Nights. Now this song was amazing from the very start. It was upbeat and it is one you could have a good dance to. Once over there was a round of applause then Florrie mentioned that they were halfway through the tour and how it was great to be back in London. The penultimate song being She Always Gets What She Wants. Before playing the final track Florrie introduced her backing band. The last song was Call 911 which was a powerful song and it was fantastic at the same time. At the very start Arnold raps then as the song progresses increases in tempo. This epic set ended at 11.15pm which was late in my terms. There was a party vibe about the set and most of the songs you can have a dance to. One of those songs being Call 911. If you have not heard of Florrie or seen her play live I advise you to check her out at Florrie.com. She is truly amazing and I cannot wait for the 2nd EP which I feel will be a cracker.


Panic Attack
Call Of The Wild
Left It To Late
Give Me Your Love
Summer Nights
She Always Gets What She Wants
Call 911


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