Claire Nicolson @ CATCH 10th February 2011

This was Claire’s first gig of 2011 and this was to be a support slot at the tiny CATCH bar which was located near Hoxton. After playing a successful Sing For Your Supper tour in 2010 I was therefore looking forward to hearing her play live. For those who aren’t aware of Claire she has worked with artists from Kula Shaker and Dodgy, to Mike Oldfield, The Waterboys, and Melanie C. Nicolson then branched out to focus on her much anticipated solo career. The only material of Claire’s I had heard came from promos and videos on Youtube. The set showcased material which will no doubt feature on debut album 52 Card Pick Up. Once I arrived at this tiny bar I made my way up the spiral staircase to the upstairs bar. I just stood towards the back while Claire was soundchecking. Claire was set to take the stage at 8.30 so there was half a hour of waiting around till the night kicked off. During those 30 minutes I had a glance at the set list and there were just two songs I realised. Pot Kettle Black was the opening song. This steady pace song has a slight beat to it and also this was a belting song to open up the night. Summer Kiss followed on and it’s a song to look out for when the debut album is released. I really enjoyed the song and I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song. Before Scorpion told the story behind it and then recalled the demise of the Scorpion. This song was mellowing and soothing at the same time. I love this uptempo ballad. Even though Claire has a band I am guessing this song would be amazing played acoustically. The title track of the forthcoming album was next and this being 52 Card Pick Up. This perfect song is slightly uptempo and powerful at the same time. There was also a small violin solo during the song. Corrupter was again another song wich was delivered perfectly. It is also one that Claire belted out. The penultimate song was Toothpaste & Whisky which was released in November 2010. Now this song is really infectious and I love its beat. This was a fun song and there is a blues feel to it as well which I love. Step On ended what was a fantastic7 song set.


Pot Kettle Black
Summer Kiss
52 Card Pick Up
Toothpaste & Whisky
Step On

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night and I know for sure this isn’t the last time I see Claire live. The songs on the night were fantastic and it gave an insight of what to expect from debut album 52 Card Pick Up. Nicolson is in fact going onto support Dodgy at Bathgate on 24th February. Now back in the day I loved Dodgy’s music.

From seeing Claire live and hearing her music on CD I can make one comparison. This is due to the fact she has other members in her band. When seeing her live the songs have a rockier feel and they are belted out perfectly.


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