Spark @ Upstairs at The Garage 9th February 2011

Spark headlined this gig at the Upstairs part of the Relentless Garage. It was a sell out but you wouldn’t of guessed that considering there weren’t alot of people queueing by the time the doors opened for 7pm. Last year HMV started the Next Big Thing festival that mainly takes place at various venues round London showcasing artists and bands whom are set to be the Next Big Thing. I had already attended the Jessie J NBT gig at the Barfly on the prior Sunday. Once I was inside there was no barrier whatsoever. This occurrence does not happen that often as a barrier is sometimes put in place so the photographers can take photos. Even though this night was sold out it was certainly alot spacious and quite alot of people were there to see the supporting act.

Opening up the night was Heart Kill Giant but it was Ed Drewett who had the girls swooning. Even though I hadn’t come to see Drewett play I was extremely impressed. Having supported Professor Green on his UK tour seeing him play this tiny venue was something special. The set featured debut single Champagne Lemonade and a cover of All Time Low by The Wanted. In fact Ed co wrote that song. For this song everyone joined in with singing along to the words. Other songs on the night included Parallels which opened up the 6 track set, Vital Signs, If I Ruled The Word and Drunk Dial which brought the set to a close.

The people who came just to see Drewett play then left and went to the back of the venue. It was just after 10pm when Spark took to the stage who was wearing a black studded leather jacket. Once onstage she launched into her second single Revolving. There is a slight dark tone to this song and the start always reminds me of Panic! At The Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies. I love the dance moves to this song as well. “Hi guys” Jess told the audience before launching into the next song. Damage Done is a beautiful song which Spark delivered perfectly. This is by far my favourite Spark song. Also there was a little bit of Revolving in the song. This part being the oh ohs which are at the very beginning of Revolving. This song was much more softer and was delivered beautifully. I love its steady pace and chorus. Where as Scream was a powerful song with a high pitched chorus. Following on was the forthcoming singe Crave. This was the second time I had heard it live and it has grown on me. The song is a powerful one and the rapping skills are amazing. This ong is so different compared to her debut single Shut Out The Moon. What I make from the lyrics is that Spark is craving being in the spotlight and being centre stage. This was a real crowd pleaser and what was to follow on was something pure genius. This song was a cover of Love The Way You Lie which was sung by Eminem and Rihanna. Now covering massive songs can be a bit of a risk but Spark delivered an outstading and unique version which had her stamp all over it. For Running the moment the band kicks in that is when the song gets stronger then the pace is faster. The chorus is fantastic and this song must feature on the debut album. The lyrics are fantastic as well. Blow was the penultimate song on the night. I actually see this as a closing song. Actually the very start of it reminds me of the way Gabriella Cimi’s On A Mission. Honestly this song is like a hurricane. The beautiful Pieces ended the night and overall this song is a masterpiece. All in all I am looking forward to when the debut album is released.


Damage Done
Love The Way You Lie


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