Jessie J @ Barfly 6th February 2011

Jessie J and Barfly. You will never get the likes of this happening again.

This was the 3rd night of HMV’s Next Big Thing which showcase lots of hot new artists over the space of 8 days round various venues in London. Now this was the hottest ticket in Camden. If you weren’t here you missed out on something special. When this date went on sale mid December it did not sell out straight away. Fast forward to the start of February the Jessie’s first headline tour of the UK is announced and tickets sell out in a flash. Even some ticket companies can’t cope with the demand after tickets mysteriously vanish after when that person had paid for them. Putting everything into account I turn up at 2.30pm expecting the downstairs bar to be open. Alas the bar is not open so it’s a freezing wait outside until the doors finally open at 7pm. Now I was the first one there which was good. I admit I was a little bit surprised considering that she is hot property at the moment. Two hours later the second person joined the queue then from 5pm thats when more people started to arrive. Fast forward to 7.15 and the doors open. Everyone starts to go in but instead of opting to get a drink everyone just waits by the door to the upstairs venue. Ten minutes later they get the green light and everyone starts to filter upstairs. There was a barrier and then a 30 minute wait until the first act. To be honest the two support acts I had heard no music by them whatsoever. I had heard of Alex Clare before but that was it. 8pm came and the first band took to the stage. This was Emil, this quintet was a mixture of Indie and Pop music. The lead singer actually reminded me of Kele from Bloc Party. Well the set was amazing I enjoyed it so much. The opening song (I think was) Anti Generation was catchy and the melody to that song was perfect. From that song I was captivated and my ears were on them. Definately someone to keep your eye on and check out. Ashame the official site is not working yet. At 9pm it was then onto Alex Clare honestly I wasn’t blown away by the seven track set. The crowd loved him but to me he wasn’t ticking all the right boxes. I quite liked the last two songs though. One of which was Up All Night. He is someone I will listen to again as Alex may just be a slow grower.

10pm came and everyone was eagerly anticipating Jessie’s appearance. When Price Tag came on the PA system everyone started to sing along to it. There was a energetic atmosphere and this was going to be one special night. There were just 6 songs on the set but having seen her at Scala 6 songs would take up to 45mins as the banter is full flowing. “Hello, this is like my living room” Cornish told the audience when she got made her entrance onto the stage. “I’m Number One” Jessie said before doing a little dance. Opening up the night was an acoustic version of Stand Up which had the audience chanting away to the words Stand Up for the Love, Love, Love. The crowd was loving every single minute of the song and Jessie’s vocals were incredible. This was the first time I had heard any songs of hers played acoustic. “What you hear, is it good? It’s just to me it sounds like I’m singing in a Fishbowl” Jessie then asked the audience after stopping during Nobody’s Perfect because she couldn’t hear anything. Cornish is a perfectionist whom strives to give outstanding performances. Also she is fantastic at making things up on the spot. Jessie was wearing massive 6 inch wedges and nearly fell over. Jessie then sung a line about people filming it and sticking it on Youtube. Still the song sounded amazing and the crowd were loving it.  The song delivers the message Nobody’s Perfect. “I wan’t to point out I don’t drink Gaymer’s but the event is sponsered by Gaymer’s” Jessie told the audience before taking a sip of her Honey, Lemon and Ginger drink from a Gaymer’s cup. “You must live on it”  a member of the audiece shouted out. The response was “My piss is Honey and Lemon” and the whole audience burst out laughing. After she launched into a blistering version of Mama Knows Best which Jessie completely smashed. It was then back to the acoustic songs. This being the emotional Who You Are. Jessie was even fighting back the tears as everything was overwhelming as she had just hit top spot. “I make jokes when I’m nervous”. This was a beautiful ballad which had complete silence. The song actually delivers a message this being “Just be true to Who You Are”. Towards the end Jessie went into the smoke that the lights were producing, when she did so the whole audience were in stitches. Do It Like A Dude was the penultimate song on the set and this is a fierce song which went down a storm. Everyone was chanting along to the chorus. So after a rapture of applause it was then onto a moment of sheer genius. This being a freestyle which was fun and the rest of the audience loved it. It is amazing how she can make things like this on the spot. The fact I have read that Jessie is considering singing her BRITS speech does not surprise me. Before the freestyle Jessie brought out a box of Lovehearts which came from the management. “Throw them out” someone in the audience shouted. The reply back being “If it hits you, your suing me”. Back to the freestyle everyone was laughing along to it. “They constantly think it’s personal when I don’t Retweet” “But I gotta break it to you I’ve got a life”. She then goes onto sing “The sound is getting better, for the only song that wasn’t in the set”. This freestyle showed how talented she actually is. On hitting the Number One spot with Price Tag Jessie sung “Tonight is a very important milestone in my journey”.  Ending the phenomenol evening was the Number 1 single Price Tag. Everyone was singing along to this song and it was a real audience pleaser. She also raps which was brilliant. When the song finishes the crowd were going crazy. The song ended what was an amazing night. It was something special and something which will never happen again. Jessie is riding high so there will be no chance of seeing her play in a venue of that size. I have a inkling she could do The Little Noise Sessions at Union Chapel in November. After when the show ended I then made my way back home taking my roll of Lovehearts on the way.


Stand Up
Nobody’s Perfect
Mama Knows Best
Who You Are
Do It Like A Dude
Price Tag

OVERALL: This night I can’t sum up how amazing it was. During the gig someone gave Jessie a present which she opened on stage. This was an Ice Cream necklace and false nails with Jessie’s face on them. Cornish is a real talent who is going to take the rest of the UK by storm. The album Who You Are has already had its release date changed to a month early. I look forward to picking up my copy on February 28th.


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