Erin K & Tash @ The Gladstone 3rd February 2011

My favourite quintet had a three night residency at The Gladstone split over three months. This was the 2nd night and what a night it was. I arrived slightly later compared to when I was there for the first night in January. When I went into the pub it was pretty busy all the seats had been taken. It was around 7.30pm when I found a place to sit. Well Erin K & Tash were due to play at 8.30 and were the first band on. The set was a mixture of new songs and old gems. It all kicked off withthe uptempo Ramen. Erin is on the acoustic guitar. Well the song is about a Ramen noodle and the lyrics are quirky and the harmonising by Tash and Laresse is simply perfect. Following on was a song that is about someone very special. This song was to be Crazy and Insane. Now I have not heard this played live for quite a while but it is a beautiful fast paced song which makes you smile then laugh. Actuallyit is very clever because you are left to wonder who Erin is singing about. This then turns out to be her cat. Oh Well nearly was skipped but I am glad it wasn’t because this mellowing song never fails to put that smile on your face. Erin doesn’t make kazoo noise anymore. A song about baking Cupcakes in Texas is next. This being The Sexy Cupcake and I haven’t heard this old gem played for quite a while. This was a fun song and the harmonies by Tash and Laresse are perfect. One of Erin’s favourite songs was next this being Jiggy Miggy which was about a love buddy of hers. “Do we have any f**k buddies here” this time there was no reply from the audience. This sexual/ graphic song was delivered powerfully however there is no bad language in it whatsoever. Also there were dashes of humour. Following on was Olga a song about a lesbian sex doll. Again this is another graphic song about the real doll phenomenon. This time Erin takes the lead vocals. If I am correct in thinking Olga is named after Olga Kurylenko whom is Ukrainian and appeared in the latest James Bond Film Quantum Of Solace. Infact Olga’s character is the only Bond girl who James Bond hasn’t bedded. I Just Ate Shit was next and this tue dark song is about being served up dog poo. This song is completely different to the others Erin just talks her way through it. It is a fantantastic song but gross and graphic at the same time. Don’t Die, Eat Pie was next. This was a song they wrote especially for the pub as they serve alot of different pies. They then sung happy birthday to Adam who was 32 . Waltz For The Rat Babies was a real treat. Erin was accompanied by two bells. I cant help but smile when this song is sung. The lyrics are fantastic and the same applies to the harmonies. Its slightly dark towards the end and part of the song is strong and powerful. You can easily picture the story to this song. The mellowing Coins was next a song that Erin sang beautifully and this was followed by something outstanding. This was the first time I had heard Amsterdam played live and this song was sung solely by Tash and Paul was on the drums. This was beautiful and I think Tash’s vocals are perfect. The set was then rounded off by the fast paced Hard Landing.


Crazy and Insane
Oh Well
The Sexy Cupcake
Jiggy Miggy
I Just Ate Shit
Don’t Die, Eat Pie
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Hard Landing

OVERALL: Again this was another wonderful night. The choice of songs were perfect especially as it was different to the first night at The Gladstone (well there were some songs that remained). It was a delight to hear the old song as well especially my favourite Rat Babies.


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