Delta Maid @ The Wheelbarrow 1st February 2011

This was the first time I had been to The Wheelbarrow. Originally it started life as The Flowerpot which was located in Kentish Town. The lease was then sold from underneath them forcing them to relocate to this pub in Camden Town. Continuing on with the great gigs that they put on was Delta Maid. This was start of a 4 week residency which sees her play every Tuesday in February. The 7 track set featured tracks old and new. No doubt they will feature on debut album Outside Looking In which is released on Geffen/ Future Records this May. If you didn’t know Future Records is Gary Barlow’s record label. She even opened up for the man himself on his 40th Birthday Bash at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 25 year old Delta comes from Wavertree in South Liverpool and performed an exeptional set which pulled a big crowd. The first time I saw her play was opening up for Ellie Goulding last July for the iTunes festival. Delta sings Blues/ Roots songs which have grown on me since the very first time I saw her play that July.

Things kicked off at 9.10pm. Delta thanked everyone for coming then launched into Back The Right Horse. This was a heavy song and Delta was backed by a band of musicians. “This next song is for anybody been in a relationship with someone who loves themselves”. She then went onto say “this is a get back song I think alot of us have been there”. This song being Broken Branches and there is a dash of soul in this song. Dolly Parton springs to mind. This is a nice song which has both beat and steady pace as well as being delivered powerfully. After Delta immediately launched into Picking Up The Pieces. This beautiful song which was delivered perfectly was alot different compared to Broken Branches. “I always put a old Blues song in my set. I have been playing this song for quite a while it’s on the EP. I find it quite encouraging for a Blues song, so I can’t bring myself not to sing it”. This being a cover of Eric Bibb’s Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down. This cover was sung impeccably with Delta stamp of originality on it. The Way It Is followed on. This take on the Bruce Hornsby song was incredible. I love the track and this song was completely unique. The penultimate song was Spend A Little Time. Before getting stuck into the song Delta explained what the song was about. “A couple of my dear friends have been a bit guilty of aspiring to go out with footballers or powerful people who have loads of money and this is just a get back song to say it’s not the be all or end all and it’s all about spending time with the person“. This uptempo song was amazing and there was a country/ blues twang to it. Ending the night was Of My Own the forthcoming single which is a complete cracker.


Back The Last Horse
Broken Branches
Picking Up The Pieces
Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
The Way It Is
Spend A Little Time
Of My Own

OVERALL: Delta is a incredible artist whom was back by some phenomenal musicians. While Blues/ Roots/ Country music may not be to most peoples liking just give it another listen. I did and the songs grew on me.  I look forward to when the album is released May 2011.  Delta will most definately go far on the Country circuit.


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