Anna Calvi @ Hoxton Hall 27th January 2011

Hoxton Hall served as the album launch of Anna Calvi’s self titled album. Considering she has sold out two nights at Bush Hall made this night extremely special. For starters Hoxton Hall has a capacity of 120 people which made this night a intimate affair. It was around 9.40pm when Calvi took the stage with two other band members. Her hair was tied back and was wearing high waist trousers with a blouse. Plus she had blood red lipstick on her lips. Hearing a whole album played live is something that doesn’t normally happen. Anna Calvi sung her entire debut album with two additional extras for an encore. Opening the night was Rider To The Sea which Calvi rattled through at ease. She is a phenomanal guitar player. No More Words showcased her vocal abilities and those vocals were stunning. Now Blackout was a epic song which was delivered perfectly. It’s a strong song as well and Calvi belted it out. I’ll Be Your Man started off with a guitar solo. This was a powerful song which had it’s soft moments. The audience were silent for First We Kiss while Morning Light was more sombre. Suzanne and I started off with drums then the guitar kicked in.  This song was completely incredible. It sounds a touch operatic. The guitar performance during The Devil blended Anna’s love of classical and flamenco. Now Desire is more uptempo number with some beautiful lyrics. You wont be blamed for thinking that this is a extension of The Devil. “I don’t normally talk between songs, but tonight is a special night” Calvi told the crowd after finishing Desire. She then went on to thank her record label and co-producer Rob Ellis, to whom the final song Love Will Be Leaving was dedicated to. The three then leave the stage only for Calvi to return for the encore. First up was her interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s Joan of Arc which left me speechless. The night ended with a blistering version of Jezebel which is the current single. It actually does not feature on the album.


Rider To The Sea
No More Words
I’ll Be Your Man
First We Kiss
Morning Light
Suzanne & I
The Devil
Love Won’t Be Leaving


Joan Of Arc

OVERALL: This gig was amazing. Anna is definatelya music artist who is set to shine this year. The tracks that were sung from self titled album Anna Calvi sounded both haunting and dark. Calvi’s vocals are spot on and she is a talented guitar player to boot. Seeing her headline at Hoxton Hall was something special given the fact she has sold out 2 nights at Bush Hall.


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