Noah and the Whale @ Bush Hall 26th January 2011

It had been 5 months since Noah and the Whale last played on home soil. In fact it had been a whole year since I last saw the band play. The band whom have a new album out on 7th March also have a brand new drummer replacing Doug Fink. I had been looking forward to this night because Noah and the Whale’s repetoir is amazing. Both albums Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down and First Days Of Spring are works of art. Now third album Last Night On Earth looks certain to surpass the first two albums. Doors for this New To Q gig opened at 7.30pm and it wasn’t that long till the first act graced the stage. The first act was Alice Gold. She is a newcomer to the Indie scene whom I last saw playing at the Ben and Jerry’s festival.She is definately a talent someone well worth looking out for. The seven song set offered the audience a insight of what to expect from the debut album. There were so many cracking songs which included Runaway Love, Conversations and the current single Orbiter. Also Fair Weather Friend sounded fantastic as well and thar was a new song that got its airing on this night.


Seasons Change
Runaway Love
Fair Weather Friend

“We rather play music than talk” and play music is certainly what they did. Noah and the Whale rattled through 16 songs including oldies and showcasing 8 of the 10 songs from forthcoming album Last Night On Earth.  The band took to the stage around 9.45pm and what an amazing night it was. The first song on the night was the opening track to on the new album and this being Life Is Life. There was a little delay as the introduction on the laptop was not playing. Still this song was fantastic and it set things up nicely for what was set to come. Tonight’s The Kind Of Night which is the 2nd track on the 3rd album went down a storm with the audience. It actually sounded slightly poppy. It was then onto Blue Skies which was the first single taken from First Days Of Spring. This is a mellowing song and the lyrics compliment the melody. Lyrics wise this is a sad song as it starts off with the line “This is a song for anyone with a broken heart”. Still this song went down a treat and was then followed by Give A Little Love from the debut album. This catchy song was played at a steady pace. I love the lyrics to this song. It was then a double header of new songs. The first being Give It All Back. I loved the keyboard introduction and it was very fast paced. The lyrics were powerful and Charlie belted the song out. I look forward to hearing the album version. Just Before We Met followed on and what was after was my favourite song from First Days Of Spring this being Love Of An Orchestra. This short song got a marvelous response from the audience and it is incredibly catchy. A line from the song is “I’ve got songs in my blood” and that line is very true. A further two tracks from First Days Of Spring were sung the first being the acoustic I Have Nothing which is slow in pace but at the same time amazing. This applied to My Door Is Always Open which was again slow but picks up towards the end. Wild Thing was next and this song is being offered as a free download. I really liked this song. After a rapturous applause it was then onto Rocks and Daggers which has a toe tapping beat. When the song dies down and the violin is played the crowd start to cheer only for Fink to start back up. Well the lyrics are perfect and catchy. Charlie was on acoustic guitar for the up tempo Waiting For My Chance To Come. This song sounded incredible my mouth is watering with the thought of having the physical copy of the album in my hands. Ending the night was the epic First Days Of Spring. When the song is over they all go offstage only to return as the audience were chanting for an encore. The band then launch into Old Joy, this was both played at a slower pace and was also softer/ quieter. For some reason a ukelele was on the stage however it was not used. My guess would of been that it would be used during 5 Years Time which follwed on. Instead the song was played with electric guitars and sounded alot heavier. Still this classic song went down well with the fans. “We’ve got one more for you, then we’re out” Charlie said before playing forthcoming single L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. The song is incredibly contagious and captivates you from beginning to end.  Also the album Last Night On Earth is name checked during the song.


Life Is Life
Tonight’s The Kind Of Night
Blue Skies
Give A Little Love
Give It All Back
Just Before We Met
Love Of An Orchestra
I Have Nothing
My Door Is Always Open
Wild Thing
Rocks And Daggers
Waiting For My Chance To Come
The First Days Of Spring


Old Joy
5 Years Time

OVERALL: This night was amazing. It was a delight to hear the new songs from the forthcoming album. Last Night On Earth looks set to be one of the albums of 2011 and we are only in the first month of the year. It actually sounds alot different from the first two albums. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down was fun while First Days Of Spring echoed heartbreak in some of the tracks on that album. The third album sounded like a blend of Folk and Pop. This combination resulted in 8 contagious songs and looks set to garner brand new fans. As for the support Alice Gold was fantastic and I especially liked the acoustic vibe during the set by Ben Howard.


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