Clare Maguire @ Bush Hall 25th January 2011

Last year the New To Q Sessions showcased some fantastic artists. Acts I saw play for Q at the Tabernacle last year included  I Blame Coco, Ellie Goulding, Marina & The Diamonds all whom headlined their own date and they have all acheived great sucess in 2010. This year it is Clare Maguire’s turn to headline her own New To Q Session. There is even a new setting as well this being the beautiful Bush Hall. The night turned out to be a sell out but there were a few extra tickets that had been released to sell on the door. So once the doors opened everyone was placed in the Bar Area as the soundcheck was still taking place. Soundchecking was Cocknbullkid and then Liam Bailey. So when the doors did finally open there wasn’t that long to wait for the opening act to grace the stage. This artist was Liam Bailey whom I had seen support Jessie J the week before. In fact he played the New To Q Session last year. Alot has changed within a year Liam is now supported by a band. The set played was different compared to the week before. Reason being Liam’s throat wasn’t at it’s best and he couldn’t hit the high notes. The set which was 5 tracks long was cut by 10 minutes because of the whole throat incident. It’s Not The Same was the only song that survived from the set on 17th January. Still this was something fresh and different.


It’s Not The Same
Nobody Stands
Summer Rain
Save Some Love
You Better Crave

Replacing Primary 1 was Cocknbullkid. I had previously seen Cocknbullkid support Marina on the two dates of the Burger Queen tour. It was nice seeing Anita Blay perform in Bush Hall right in front of me. Also it is a plus point when there is no barrier whatsoever. The one drawback about the set was it wasn’t fresh and was kept the same when I had seen the band play last November. Still the songs went down a treat. Highlights for me included Hold On To Your Misery, the strong Mexico and the fast paced I Deserve It which closed the set. All these tracks are a showcase of what is to come from upcoming album Adulthood. Anita is definately someone to see live as each song is a cracker.


One Eye Closed
Hold On To Your Misery
Asthma Attack
I Deserve It

Clare graced the stage around 10pm. She had her back turned to the and went into a crucifixion pose. Maguire was wearing a black basque and a sparkly skirt. There was also a reel to reel tape player which was turned on for the first song. This song being Ain’t Nobody but the Breakage Remix. It was sung perfectly and the vocals captivated me. Hearing this remixed version live was something fresh and different. The remix sounded slightly dubstep a la Katy B. Shield And The Sword followed on and this song was ever so powerful.  You’re Electric was next on the night and this song went down well with the audience. This song showed off Clare’s extrodinary vocal range. Power Ballad The Last Dance  had lyrics which were extremely catchy. It was a powerful song but I especially liked the strong chorus. I Surrender was up next and this was then followed by Break These Chains. This song again showed off her incredible vocal range. The penultimate song showcased something different and something which is not on the album. This being a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song Big Love. Maguire had tried to get people sing along. She completely made this song her own. Ending the night was The Happiest Pretenders a song Clare said no one would of heard unless they were already in the music industry. This song rounded off a wonderful night.


Ain’t Nobody (Breakage Remix)
Shield And The Sword
You’re Electric
The Last Dance
I Surrender
Break These Chains
Big Love
The Happiest Pretenders

OVERALL: Clare’s vocal range is incredible each of the songs sung on the night were belted out and went down a storm. The set showcased what to expect from debut album Light After Dark. This is a album I will be purchasing when it is released. Maguire has something unique and special. After that performance I do not know why the BBC only placed her at #5 in the soundpoll of 2011. There was also banter as well this included a conversation with a fan who wanted to talk to her on twitter, the fact loads of Liam Gallagher’s were looking at her and the fact that she told people to stop looking at her sister. Also Maguire sang a snippet of All Of The Lights by Kanye West and dedicated it to two lucky fans in the audience. Just thinking of the Sound of 2011 Poll how can you place different artists?? Jessie J may of won but Clare Maguire is completely different. She is a rough diamond who is set to shine this year.

Well apart from that I thought the set by Maguire was amazing I am counting down the days until I see her at the Borderline. As for the support acts Liam Bailey and his band were amazing as ever. We got something completely fresh as Bailey had a sore throat. Cocknbullkid was brilliant as well, there were some really catchy numbers in the set such as Hold On To Your Misery and I Deserve It.


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