Bruno Mars @ Café De Paris 24th January 2011

Bruno Mars had scored a double #1. Single Grenade stayed at the top for a second week and debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans stormed to the top. When Mars announced this date is sold out in a flash. Seeing someone play in such a intimate setting is wonderful and special. So with the fact Bruno had sold this night out, had two #1 singles and a #1 album I decided to get there early. So I arrived at 1pm and I was the first there. I was actually quite surprised as I had expected a few more people to be there. So when the doors opened the queue had stretched round KFC.

This intimate gig was the launch of Doo-Wops & Hooligans and the set that Mars was to play was something special. Around 9pm was when the lights went out and the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey was played. The band then crammed onto a tiny stage, all wearing black suits. After this introduction Bruno then launched into album track The Other Side which turned out to be a massive sing along. Once the song was over there was a rapture of applause. “How you all feeling London, we’re so happy to be here. I know it’s a little tight and I know it’s hot but do you want to join us to make it a little tighter and hotter” Bruno then went onto say. Top Of The World followed on and this was the first song that was wrote. Now even though this song does not feature on the album it is incredibly powerful. Mars even showed off his thrusting skills. It was then onto Money (That’s What I Want). Mars had said this song inspired the song Billionaire. Both songs were infused together and Billionaire had everyone singing along to this song. Our First Time followed on and there is a slight reggae feel to this song. “It wasn’t to long ago when we were playing in bars and clubs trying to make ends meet coving songs like California Gurls“. Bruno then went onto say “Can we just have fun for two minutes?”. This turned out to be an incredible Mash Up. The first being Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean played to the tune of Nivarna’s Smells Like Teen Spirit then The White Stripes  Seven Nation Army. Laid back infectious track Marry You was the next song on the night. I definately see this song as a future single. It is also very uplifting and The Lazy Song followed on straight away. Again there is a laid back reggae vibe to this song. Many people can relate to this song. Next Mars took to the Ukelele to play a song about love and friendship. Count On Me is both soft and mellow. Also it is very catchy “You can count on me like 1,2,3”. Everyone was singing along to every word of this song. A remixed version of Nothin’ On You and it was extremely energetic. The fact that B.O.B wasn’t there did not make any difference as I enjoyed this version. The final two songs on the night were the two #1 singles. First up was Bruno’s favourite song Grenade which turned out to be a massive sing along. Closing the night was the epic Just The Way You Are which was a massive crowd pleaser. “There is no where I would rather be than right here right now with you guys” Mars said before finishing the song with the sold out crowd. The band went offstage only to return for a three song encore. This kicked off with Runaway Baby now I love this song because it is infectious and the pace is extremely fast. Non album track Somewhere In Brooklyn followed on. Bruno actually changed the lyric and sung Somewhere In London. Talking To The Moon ended what was a fantastic night and this again turned into a karaoke session.You guys drive safely” Mars said before taking a bow.


Space Oddesy/ Intro
The Other Side
Top Of The World
Our First Time
Mash Up (Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Billie Jean/ Seven Nation Army)
Marry You
The Lazy Song
Count On Me
Nothin’ On You
Just The Way You Are


Runaway Love
Somewhere In Brooklyn
Talking To The Moon

OVERALL: This was a wonderful night that was incredibly special. Even though the capacity of the venue is 700 people it was still very intimate considering the fact he has had 2 number one singles and a number one album. The set was amazing I for one had not expected 13 songs to be played. For some reason Liquor Store Blues was left out even though it was on the set list. The mash up of Billie Jean and Seven Nation Army was a real treat. Plus the version of Billionaire was brilliant. Even though there were no special guests that did not matter because the atmosphere in the room was buzzing.


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