Jessie J @ Scala 17th January 2011

Stomp, Stomp she’s arrived. This sold out gig was due to take place on 7th December but due to Jessica coming down with a severe illness it was therfore rescheduled. Jessica has had a cracking start to 2011 having already won the BRIT award for Critic’s Choice and also topping the BBC Sound Poll. Winning those two awards is only the start of it. I arrived outside the Scala at 4pm expecting a few more people there but alas there was only one other person waiting outside. It wasn’t until 6pm when more people started to arrive. Queueing for gigs is always puzzling with Jessica winning two awards I would of expected a couple of more people being outside the venue at the time I arrived. I didn’t have a ticket for the original show but when it was rescheduled I managed to pick up up a ticket. There were a couple of touts outside the venue selling tickets for £40 a pop which is truly shocking considering face value was £7. The barriers came out at 7pm thirty minutes before the doors opened. At that point there were about 200 people there. Thoughts crossed my mind that this was going to turn out to be pandemonim as security left it so late to put ut the barriers. To my surprise  it was actually really well organised and there was no queue jumping whatsoever. When the doors opened I went up the stairs into the main room and got the spot I wanted. There was actually a club vibe plus there was a DJ. Now the DJ was Twin B from 1 Extra. Usually I don’t like DJ sets but I really enjoyed it this time round. The support act was unkown to me prior to the gig but it turned out the opening act was Liam Bailey. I had previously had seen Liam play at The Tabernacle January last year. Liam kept to his soulful roots but this time he was backed by a full band. Only 6 songs were played but he was a perfect artist to warm up the crowd.

Jessie J is the alias of Jessica Cornish and she is set to make 2011 her year. The song that opened the night up was the popular Mama Knows Best which has acheived over a million views on YouTube and was then followed by Stand Up. Both of these tracks perfectly set the tone for the night whilst showcasing her incredible vocal range. Next Jessie mentioned the fact that they had recorded the track ‘Big White Room’ numerous times but the song never sounded right, this then led to the crowd being treated to a bit of history. Big White Room was being recorded live for the forthcoming album Who You Are. Jessie stressed the fact she didn’t want to hit a duff note. The crowd were stunned into silence and she completely smashed this beautiful song. It was then onto Nobody’s Perfect and this song was both strong and upbeat. The song opened up with these lines:

When I’m nervous I have this thing yeah I talk too much
Sometimes I just can’t shut the hell up

Now there was plenty of banter but I wouldn’t of thought she was nervous. I felt Jessie was feeding off the energy from the crowd. I guess Nobody is Perfect and Karma does come back round. Before launching into the Who’s Laughing Now? it was mentioned that this was to all the haters and during the song we saw Jessie’s incredible rapping skills. It was then onto a song that Jessie wrote for Alicia Keys. Keys then had a baby and Jessie took the song back for herself. “If Alicia doesn’t have it no one can”. Now this song is completely different from the other songs that were sung on the night. For starters L.O.V.E. is a song about love, it is beautiful and slightly slushy at the same time as well. “That song makes everyone smile apart from the people who haven’t heard it yet”.

It was then onto the forthcoming single Price Tag where she was accompanied by special guest, Devlin. This song was well received and had everyone getting involved with a huge chorus chant. An acoustic version of  Who You Are sent shivers down my spine as the vocal performance was spot on. After finishing Jessie and her band went off stage which then led to encore chants of “Jessie Jessie”. “I tried to get changed but it didn’t work” Jessica revealed before launching into her #2 single Do It Like A Dude, which as expected, went down a treat. After Jessica let us into a little secret, this being the fact she was due to change into a different outfit and therefore got slightly angry that she didn’t as she couldn’t get her shoes off in time. “Thankyou for coming” Cornish told the audiece before leaving the stage.


Mama Knows Best
Stand Up
Big White Room
Nobody’s Perfect
Who’s Laughing Now?
Price Tag
Who You Are


Do It Like A Dude

OVERALL: There was lots of banter by Jessie. The album was mentioned and even though no date was given Jessica gave the crowd a hint by saying it was near her birthday. This hint now makes the release date 28th March look very likely. I for one can’t wait for the album to be released. Also Jessica mentioned about the Heartbeats. Now for those who follow Jessie on Twitter will know that Heartbeats is what she calls her fans. Cornish also revealed she had thought of calling the fans Monsters, Brats or Jessex. Still it was a wonderful night seeing someone who is set to shine in 2011.


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