Ones To Watch: Parade

Fresh after a supporting Shakira on the English leg of The Sun Comes Out World Tour is brand new girl group Parade. This five piece consist of  Emily Biggs, Bianca Claxton, Sian Charlesworth, Lauren Deegan and Jessica Agombar and they are set to take the UK by storm. These girls are lovely and from what I have seen of them they are really talented. Emily used to be in Hope. Now Hope appeared on the 4th series of The X Factor in 2007.  Other than bagging a support slot on Alexandra Burke’s 30 night All Night Long Tour, Parade are also embarking on their own school tour where they will visit different schools all over the UK.

I first heard Parade when they were supporting Shakira on her World Tour. The band were the only support act on the night and even though they sang 4 songs I was left wanting more. Well it was three songs as the fourth was an excellent cover of Cee Lo Green’s Forget You. The debut single Louder drops Febuary this year. Now this song is fantastic they gel together so well as a group and the vocals are superb on this song. There is a line in the song which is “Turn It Up Louder” and that is what you have to do when listening to it. Now the chorus is upbeat and this song is slightly infectious.

I will most certainly be looking forward to hearing more material from this talented 5 piece band. They are most definately a band to keep your eye on. Supporting Alexandra Burke can only do more positive things for this group. Parade have an already huge and growing fanbase especially on their individual Twitter accounts, having recently done a UK schools tour to promote themselves, supporting Shakira and now Alexandra Burke.


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  1. bekkah says:

    hiyaa, u girls are awesome i love the new song, louder is amazing (: couldnt stop singing it 😀 you’s will go reeaaally far in 2011 🙂 your awesome ❤ @Bekkah_Sykes_TW 🙂 xxx

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