Pocket Satellite @ Bull & Gate 8th January 2011

This was the first time I had been to a gig at The Bull & Gate. My first gig at this venue was to see unsigned band Pocket Satellite. The night was the launch of the sophomore EP Paper Aviator. Pocket Satellite was the reason I attended this gig. I had been listening to the music on their Myspace on constant repeat for quite a while. Also the advance copy of Paper Aviator I was digitally sent went straight onto the Ipod. In fact I was listening to it when I was making my way to Kentish Town. Doors opened at 19.45pm and when I was inside the scenery was amazing. Paper Airplanes dominated the room and this was in reference to the EP. I then purchased a copy of both Toy Train and Paper Aviator which was nicely presented in a package with additional red bow. Support on the night was provided by Sumudu, Danni Nicholls and Feldspar. I actually really enjoyed the support acts and I’ll most definately be keeping tabs on them for future music by them. It was around 10.20pm when Pocket Satellite took to the stage. Pocket Satellite consist of  Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk, Tom Dixon and Ruth Dixon. The set performed was a mixture of tracks from both EP’s Toy Train and the current one Paper Aviator. Toy Train was the first song on the set and when the band took to the stage they all had red balloons which were then attached down. There was plenty of applause when the song started. The first EP is full of crackers and this song is one of them. It was a real treat to hear this wonderful song performed live after only just hearing the studio version. “Thankyou” a humble Maya said after the song had finished. Continuing on with the material from Toy Train was Leave Your Metro. It was the first time I had heard this song and I actually really liked it. Tom was on glockenspiel for this song and Ruth was on cello. The vocals were beautiful and the infusion of guitar, cello and glockenspiel worked wonders.

“This song is about my brother who is a medical student and he is kind of nocturnal” Zosmer said before introducing the first Paper Aviator track of the night Fake Sun. This storming song actually makes me think of a barndance/ hoedown. There is alot of energy given off from this song and it is one you are tempted to dance to.  It was then back to a couple of songs from the first EP. What About Snowglobes? followed on. “It’s something about the snow, it’s related to that so it’s kind of topical” Maya told the audience. This is a gentle song which sounded fantastic. It actually reminds me when I used to have a plastic snowglobe when I was younger. I love the use of cello and this song is not Christmasy apart from the one line “What about Snowglobes sitting on your windowsill“. “This song is off our first EP Toy Train. After a year of gigging we’ve been making it a little bit more cheesy everytime. And what remains is something quite special” Carl said to the audience before introducing Windows. Now this song is sung by both Haag and Zosmer. I really liked the lyrics and the fact it was upbeat. The fact this was the first time I have seen the band live I can’t tell how they have made this song cheesier. “We wouldn’t of dreamed playing Saturday night in London and now we can fill a place like this” Haag said. Maya also said that it was a bit overwhelming. It was onto Parachutes and the very start sounded like a extension of What About Snowglobes.  This is a gentle song which sends shivers up my spine because it was so beautiful and entrancing at the same time. The whimsical Rocks In Shoes was next and it is one I completely adore. “If you go on Youtube our friend Adam made this incredible stop motion video for this song” Maya told the audience before going onto reveal that “This song is about when you just don’t want to go to work”. Now this song is both mellowing, soothing and mesmerising. This is where the Slow Club likeness comes into play. It actually reminds me of the Slow Club song Apples and Pairs. The title track of the newest EP was next. Paper Aviator was a lovely song and it also continues with the fascination of space within the lyrics. Also name checked in the song were Paper Airplanes and the room was full of them. “You guys are really awesome” Zosmer told the audience before the band launched into the last song We Chased Soldiers. This song which features on the Toy Train EP is the only song that featured on the album Disappearing Stars. Once over the audience clearly wanted to hear more and this resulted in the band performing one last song as an encore. This was to be the opening track on Paper Aviator and this song being Man On A Boat. Now this song has to be my favourite song from the new EP. This fast paced song is really strong and it ended a wonderful evening. People even wanted to hear more and Ruth had to say they didn’t have anymore material.


Toy Train
Leave Your Metro
Fake Sun
What About Snowglobes?
Rocks In Shoes
Paper Aviator
We Chased Soldiers
Man On A Boat

OVERALL: This was the first time I had seen them play and it certainly wont be the last. The combination of Folk/ Pop is wonderful and each track is superb. They are also entrancing as well. I would most definately see this quintet again in the future.


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