Erin K & Tash @ The Gladstone 6th January 2011

It had been far to long since I last saw this quintet. In fact it had been 5 months since I had last saw them play. This was the first night of the 3 night residency of the bar. The next two nights take place in February and March. It is hard to believe this band remains unsigned as they have something extremely special. This something special is the ability to make you laugh and smile during every song. The only other band I can think of that has this same quality are Slow Club. The pub was packed to the rafters quite alot of people had to go upstairs to bring a chair to sit on during the gig. Well before my favourite unsigned folk band was Dan Zappi. Now I hadn’t even heard any of his music before. The style of the music kept with the Folk theme and I was surprised I took to the songs straight away. Songs that were sung consisited of Piccadily People (Dan mentioned about he used to hand out leaflets), Common Love (about being obsessed with the opposite sex), Human Condition, Futher Down The Line (Dan recalled about being a language teacher and the kids reminded him of himself when he was that age) and finally Dan sang a new song If. There was also a song about there being bones in fish and Dan told the audience that he used to be a waiter.

After when he finished tidying up Erin and the rest of the band bagan to set up. It was around 9.20 when things kicked off. Opening up was This Boy which Erin dedicated to someone.  This happy song is beautiful at the same time. In fact it is quite mellowing and I really like the softness in the vocals. Erin did need a little bit of prompting for one of the verses. The next two songs doubled up and were played straight after the other. There’s Not Really Something About Mary followed on. “Mary this is for you”. Basically the song tells the story about Mary who meets Jimmy on the internet who was Erin’s boyfriend.  It is a nice song and you can easily pick up on the story behind it because the lyrics describe it perfectly well. Up next was Jiggy Miggy. This song followed straight after Mary had finished and Erin told the audience it was about a ex boyfriend that cheated on her when she took a trip to India. The song which is extremely sexual and graphic does not actually feature any bad language   The song also adds a bit of humour which is always a good thing. Oh Well was a light hearted song which makes you smile. This song has really good lyrics that fit perfectly with the melody. The harmonies provided by Tash and Laresse are superb. This song is a gentle light song and is one of my personal favourites. Erin however does not make the kazoo noise during this song. It was then onto a song that I hadn’t heard live before. This song was Duman. A Duman would be the result of a Dolphin and Human having sex. Erin plays a ukelele and this song is very humorous. After a drum kit change it was then onto a brand new song which was written especially for this gig. The song being Don’t Die Eat Pie. This was a nice song and the first time they had ever played it. It was rough round the edges but I enjoyed it. Coins was next and I simply love this mellowing song. Honey Tree followed on was next and it’s a gentle song and is played at a full flowing pace. The final two songs on the night were new ones. The first being We Ate Marc. This song is about Marc who was filming the first time Erin and Tash played together but forgot to press record. This song is slightly dark in content. Erin said before playing the song they did not get angry with Marc but wrote this song instead. Ending the night was Hard Landing which had a fast pace. Sorry I’m Not Black was the choice of encore song. This song is about another ex boyfriend of Erin’s who liked her even more the blacker she became (she used St Tropez). Well this upbeat song ended an outstanding set. The thing I love about all the songs is they make you laugh and smile.


This Boy
There’s Not Really Something About Mary
Jiggy Miggy
Oh Well
Don’t Die Eat Pie
Honey Tree
We Ate Marc
Hard Landing
Sorry I’m Not Black

OVERALL: This was another enjoyable night. The new songs were fantastic and I will most definately see them play again when they are next at The Gladstone on 3rd February. The real soldier of the night was Tash who got through the gig even though she had ruptured her breathing muscles. Also Daniel Zappi was a really good choice of support act.


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  1. IloveMusic says:

    Music has a mystic manner of being able to take you instantly back to a specific place and time in your past
    I will definitely vote them, for one reason…. THEY’RE AWESOME

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