Slow Club @ Union Chapel 22nd December 2010

Slow Club at Christmas has been a tradition since 2008. Back in 2008 it was to coincide with the release of Christmas TV and acts such as Mayor Mcca, Lisa Milberg, Adem, Jay Jay Pistolet all support the band for a lovely gig at The Union Chapel. Last year the EP Christmas Thanks For Nothing had been released and the bands that supported were Cate Le Bon, Lulu and the Lampshades and The Pictish Trail. Again that was another fun night and this time supporting the band were Sweet Baboo and Wave Pictures. The snow had returned roads were icy, trains delayed/ cancelled which resulted it being freezing cold and very slippery on the pavements. I decided to leave my house at 4 mainly because the fact I would have to wait outside for the doors to open. A hour later I had reached the doors of the Union Chapel. I was the only one there and it wasn’t long till someone else turned up. All I had to keep me company was a internet connection and music both on my phone. So 7pm finally came and I made my way to the pews at the front. I then took a seat and kept my opened coat on throughout. Yes the Union Chapel was heated but I was still cold. The first act Sweet Baboo took to the stage at 7.40om while Wave Pictures came on stage at 8.20pm which was surprising as the change over time was just 8 minutes. As for the sets both Sweet Baboo and Wave Pictures were rather interesting. It was my first time seeing Sweet Baboo and my 2nd time seeing Wave Pictures. I would have to say I enjoyed Sweet Baboo more and they were a nice three piece band to open up this wonderful night.

Slow Club are Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson. You can’t help but think that they just want to ditch the old material and focus on the new. This 16 song set featured 3 Christmas songs, 6 news songs and the remaining 7 being off the debut album Yeah So? . Things kicked off with Charles and Rebecca coming up to the edge of the stage to sing Come On Youth acapella. Now when they do this it is incredible and extremely special as well. They both have the vocal ability to carry it off without the aid of microphones. Afterwards it is then onto a couple of new songs and this is when the band are taking a new direction. They also have three other members playing with them both. New Song 1 was Never Look Back. At first it started off with alot of clicking fingers. This was a nice song quite gentle and there is a slow pace which picks up nearer the end. The bits Rebecca sang were belted out and I am looking forward to hearing the studio version of this song. New Song 2 was Where I’m Waking which is extremely strong and fast in tempo as well. I really like the chorus to this song.  This sounds like another song but I can’t put my finger on which one. “Thanks Band” Taylor said when they walked off after Where I’m Waking finished. Rebecca then goes onto say “We’ve got some friends, 2 Matt’s on the stuff we can’t play”. Charles then went onto say that they played Come On Youth as someone asked them to play it last year which made Rebecca ask if that person was in the audience. That person wasn’t there and the song that followed on was oldie No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You. This song is mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca harmonising. This is a lovely song but bit depressing when you realise what the lyrics are. It is also a poweful one as well. “Everyone Alright, you had a nice time so far, I would have it’s brilliant coz my favourite bands have played then my band plays, it’s the best night of my life” Rebecca said. The band then go onto say did anyone buy a ticket from a tout and how the fact they were excited that there was a tout which made them feel like New Young Pony Club.

Trophy Room is another song that is on the verge of falling into the pit of no return. Rebecca revealed how they forgot how to play the song this morning. Charles had taken his cardigan off and it took him a while to tune up. Well they got through this song with no problems at all. This song has a fast pace and it has lyrics which are so infectious you want to sing along to. Next it is onto Hackney Marsh a song that Watson mainly sings. This was a beautiful song and there is a steady pace. Rebecca’s harmonising was perfect. It was then onto I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream. The verses and chorus are fantastic. The majority is sung by Charles and Rebecca providing the harmonies. Before playing the song they realise this was supposed to be sung before Hackney Marsh. “Right this is the first song we ever wrote” Rebecca said. She then went onto say “We never want to play this anymore”. Charles then said “I like this song” to which Rebecca replied “2011 no more song. My New Years Resolution” The infectious Because We’re Dead was a real crowd pleaser and you cant imagine a Slow Club gig without it being sung. The pace is ever so fast and it is plain to see that they are having fun when singing it. After Rebecca mentioned that this was the last time they were playing the show makes you think she has got bored singing it. “Let’s sing it again” Charles joked when the song was over. What followed on was another song which Watson sang the majority of. This being Horses Jumping and there was also a string section for this song. Our Most Brilliant Friends followed on straight away it is a powerful song and it’s a fast flowing song. “This is another new song, I hope you can cope with that” Rebecca said before playing You, Earth Or Ash. This song is mainly sung by Rebecca and it is so beautiful and strong. She has the vocal capability of singing in a church without the aid of a microphone. Her voice will just reverberate round the chapel.

Giving Up On Love was next and this was the penultimate song on the night. This being the current single and it is highly infectious with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozes from this song. This is really up tempo as well. Why it never got a vinyl release I do not know. Ending the night was Gold Mountain. Before this song both Rebecca and Charles thanked Moshi Moshi. Rebecca also mentioned that the lead to the microphone kept coming out and that was the reason Charles got a solo on Giving Up On Love. “See you next year If We’re Still Alive” Rebecca then said. This song is sung by Charles and it is a fantastic song. It is completely different to anything on the debut album and no doubt will feature on their second offering. They then both go offstage only to return minutes later. The encore was special as the three songs were Christmas songs. When Charles took to the stage someone chucked a pair of knickers at him. When Rebecca took to the stage she mouthed to Charles “Are those a pair of knickers” before playing It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me. This song is sung by Taylor it’s beautiful and hypnotic at the same time. Yes it may be a bit depressing and you can’t imagine Rebecca being anti Christmas. “We’ve got two more songs, don’t let the police shut us down let’s do it” Taylor said before launching into the next song. She was possibley referring to breaking the curfew. What followed on was Christmas TV. The song had come out of retirement and it is a strong one with some fantastic lyrics. Even though they said it would never be sung again I am guessing it will feature at Christmas time. Ending the night was Christmas (Baby Please Come On Home). This was a fun song and towards the end everyone stood up and had a dance. Whenever this song is sung live I always think how lovely it would be with a snow machine.


Come On Youth
Never Look Back
When I’m Waking
No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
Trophy Room
Hackney Marsh
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Because We’re Dead
Horses Jumping
Our Most Brilliant Friends
You, Earth Or Ash
Giving Up On Love
Gold Mountain


It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Christmas TV
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

OVERALL: This again was another wonderful night at the Chapel. Slow Club Christmas shows are always fun and extremely special. I can’t wait till the one that they play in 2011. Hopefully by that time the new album would of been released.


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