Lady Gaga @ o2 Arena 16th December 2010

This was the 3rd European Leg of The Monster Ball tour. In fact Gaga was only touring in the UK for 2 nights on this third stint on British soil. It was the o2 Arena which was the choice of venue. This was actually the 5th time Gaga performed at the venue (7th if you count the support slot with Pussycat Dolls). As to be expected this night sold out and this then resulted a second date at the o2 which was to be the 17th December. This time I plumped for a standing ticket. Sitting was nice when I saw her live in May but I wanted to be closer to the action. When I then found out that I wouldn’t be able to attend that early I came to the realisation I would be right at the back and the view wouldn’t be as good. Actually my plan was to weave through the people to the front which I guess wouldn’t happen. So once I arrived there was already about 500ish people there and it felt like forever when the doors did eventually open. Once they did open the queue started to move and I went though straight away after I flashed my wristband. So when I was in the Arena it was then a powerwalk to the front. It looked like I would be right at the back then I noticed towards the right hand side there was no one. I then powerwalked to the barrier which was near the speakers. Yes it may of not been the place I wanted to stand but I would rather be at the barrier than no barrier at all. It seemed like everyone aimed for the centre or the runway. Kicking off the night was a DJ set by Lady Starlight. DJ Sets aren’t really my thing. I rather see the support act then a DJ set or I would like it if music was being played inside the Arena. Lady Starlight left the stage and 7.30 the time Semi Precious Weapons were due to be on. 10 minutes later the band came on. “All the way from New York City it’s Semi Precious Weapons” the announcer said before the band started the self titled song. Now this band are crazy they may not be my cup of tea but this band are slowly growing on me. The rest of the crowd were simply loving this set and lead vocalist Justin Tranter is highly unique as he took to the stage in heels. Other songs on the night included Put A Diamonds On It, I Could Die, Magnetic Baby and Sticky With Champagne. Justin definately knew how to get the crowd worked up. “When I say Lady, You say Gaga”. So once the set was over there was then a 40 minute wait for Gaga.

Around 8.40 the Arena went into pitch black and the beginning of Dance In The Dark was played. The image projected onto the black cloak was rather futuristic. There was then a countdown on the screen and the crowd were going crazy. As soon as the countdown reached 0 the sheet dropped and all you could see was Gaga’s silhouette with the purple lighting. I loved the dance movements which the audience did go gaga for. The curtain then was raised to reveal Gaga. Once the curtain had raised the scenery resembled New York. “Are we breaking down” Where’s Gaga anyway?” Now we’re never going to make it to The Monster Ball. Gaga then responds by saying “Yes you will, I will take you there”. Glitter And Grease followed straight on. She then makes her way down the stairs and steam was pouring from the bonnet. It was obvious the cars engine had burnt out. The bonnet is then opened and Gaga plays the keyboard. This song was to be debut single Just Dance and during the song Gaga urged the crowd to jump. “Are you guys ready to party” Gaga said during the song. It was then onto Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and everyone was singing to this song. “You’ve only got the fame” Gaga said before launching into The Fame. This time she had a red cape on and was playing the harp/ keytar then she made her way up the stairs. Once the song was over there was another interlude preceding the 2nd act.

The start of the 2nd act had a subway setting. There you had a carriage which Gaga and the rest of her dancers were in. “There’s something on the track” the tannoy announces. Gaga then appears and it is a short dance breakdown then Love Game. How she manages to dance and sing at the same time I do not know. The audience were eating from the palm of her hand and were going crazy. Towards the end Gaga gets her Disco Stick and walks the catwalk then urges everyone in the sold out arena to stand up. “I don’t know if you’ve heard but  have a really big cock”.  “So come on get your dicks out” she said before finishing the song. “You just remember you are a god damn London superstar and you were born this way”. There was then a little speech where Gaga said “Don’t leave loving me more, Leave loving yourself more”. A few minutes later Gaga picks up a little Santa toy and tries to  bite its head off. “I hate the holidays” she went onto say.  Gaga then stamped on Santa but it was having none of it “I’m alone and miserable you fucking stuffed bit of toy”. She finally decapitated the toy before saying “He was pregnant with chemicals”. Gaga then goes onto to give the crowd a recap of where we are at now that she had killed Santa. “Why don’t I ask my friends, my British gay boys”. This then led into Boys, Boys, Boys. It is a nice strong song and a real crowd pleaser. The audience joined in with the chorus. Afterwards she goes offstage to have another costume change while the dancers are still dancing on the stage. After a rapture of applause it was then onto Money Honey. For this song Gaga is on a platform with her keytar and was wearing a black PVC coat. “It’s snowing and cold outside, But in here it’s hotter than hell” Gaga said before starting the song. It is a song that has grown on me and there was a lot of energy put into it. Once the song is over Gaga walks up the catwalk and takes off her PVC coat and you knew that Telephone was the next song . “Guess what I have been very busy but I have been able to have brief catch up time with my very inappropriate and slightly sexual rendez vous with Beyonce Carter”. She then puts on a top that a fan threw onto the catwalk. The crowd were going crazy for this song and it was extremely energetic. Beyonce may of not been there but her vocals were still present.  Now Speechless which is a beautiful ballad was incredible. It was delivered strongly and the piano was even on fire. The song was belted out then Gaga mentioned when she attended the Semi Precious Weapons gig the night before. “There’s nothing wrong with being young, There’s nothing wrong with being old, But there is something very wrong with not enjoying every minute of each part of your life”. Gaga then finishes off the song and the rapturous applause was amazing. “All the press in London would be here tonight to review my show” “These guys don’t want to review my show, they want to get drunk and have a good time with some free fucking tickets”. “Because what a waste that would be to come to this show and not have a good time” Gaga said before playing You & I which will feature on forthcoming LP Born This Way. “This album was not written by me it was written by you”.  Now this taster wets my appetite for the new album. You & I is amazing and I can’t wait for the studio version. It is ever so strong and Gaga belted it out. Towards the end she gets on top of the piano and plays the keys with her feet. Now this was one epic song. After You & I had ended Gaga and 5 of her dancers walk up the catwalk. A twister then sucks up Gaga and her dancers then we get another interlude. So when the twister has gone Gaga is in a ball gown and with a head piece on. “London you make me So Happy I Could Die”. I really liked this song it is very catchy. Gaga then goes on a platform which rises so the people in the upper tiers can see her. There is then another interlude tha preceded the 3rd act.

The third act started with my favourite song from The Fame Monster and this song was Monster. Why it was not released as a single I do not know. The choice of costume is strange. Gaga who urged the crowd to put their paws up looked like a giant mushroom. Towards the end she gets set upon by her dancers. Gaga then drops down the chute only to come back up. Blood is pouring from Gaga’s chest. “Do you think I am sexy” she said after the song was over. Gaga then drops to the floor “You know I’m kinda like Tinkerbell, you know how Tinkerbell will die if you don’t clap for her”. Everyone starts to clap. “Do you want me to die, Scream for me London”.  Gaga gets up and then expresses her hatred of superfans “I hate the truth, in fact I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day”. This then led into the next song Teeth which was sung superbly and she showed everyone that she would never mime. This then led into the next song Alejandro. “Tonight my religion is the UK”. Gaga makes her way to the fountain of eternal youth. I really like the song it has a lovely summery feel to it. “See I told you I would sing live” she said during the song. Once over the curtain comes down. When it comes back up it is yet another costume change and the song being Pokerface which went down a storm. The energy in the packed arena was intense. During it Gaga urged everyone to jump. At the very end there is a dance breakdown. They then all make their way down the catwalk and go behind the curtain. There is then another interlude which precedes the 4th and final act. “I think The Monster Ball is just up ahead”. Gaga’s friends then get scared and abandon her. “You cant leave me by myself, its dark”. She slowly turns round to see The Fame Monster. The monsters eyes and teeth are lit up. It looked like a angler fish. Well when Gaga turned round to see it she let out a cry “Nooooo, it‘s a monster, it‘s The Fame Monster”. The song was Paparazzi. “OK Little Monsters I need your help, I can’t kill The Fame Monster by myself, Get out your cameras, take it’s picture”. The monster then wraps its tentacles round Gaga then eats her.

Gaga then rises from the ashes wearing a bra that spits out flames. “And they may ask you how was The Monster Ball in London, You will tell them we burnt the place to the fucking ground”. “N0w let’s get out of here, Let’s go to The Monster Ball”. Gaga then went onto say “Be yourself, Love who you are, Be proud of your identity coz you were Born This Way” then the curtain closed. Moments later was the shows closing number Bad Romance. Gaga was in a huge gyroscope and delivered a couple of lines of this song acapella. “We did it, We did it Little Monsters” “We made it to The Monster Ball”. “Kids we made it to the o2 Arena in London” Gaga screamed. “Did you have the time of your life, Do you feel free London”. Gaga then came out of the gyroscope for a full blown performance of this song. Everyone sang along to this song and virtually everyone had their paws up. “Thankyou for believing in me, I believe in you” “I love you so much”. So that ended what was a spectacular 90 minute set. It is the only gig that I would like to see again and again.


Act 1: City

Dance In The Dark
Glitter And Grease
Just Dance
Beautiful Dirty Rich
The Fame

Act 2: Subway

Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
You & I
So Happy I Could Die

Act 3: Forest


Act 4: The Monster Ball

Bad Romance

OVERALL: This was a fantastic gig. I wish I could see her again. I reckon this is the last we have seen of the Monster Ball and when she comes back it will be a brand new show. The fact that the show has a narrative to it is amazing and hardly any gigs have a narrative. This wasn’t a gig it is more like a show. I loved Gaga’s words of wisdom as well.


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