Lissie @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 13th December 2010

Lissie is an amazing artist whom I know and love. From the first time I saw her play at the 2010 HMV Next Big Thing I knew she was highly talented. In fact I knew her music in 2009 and saw her live for the first time this year. I arrived at the venue around 3pm it is pretty nice to think your the first one there and it is the biggest gig she has headlined. Steve had just arrived so that was good. We had some decent conversation about music. The one drawback about getting there early was the fact it was freezing cold. On the other hand we saw both The Pierce sisters and Lissie arrive. We had a chat to Lissie where she mentioned that it was nice that everyone sang Happy Birthday to her at Union Chapel as the rest of the band have birthdays near to each other meaning it takes the shine off of Lissie’s birthday. Fast forward to 7.30pm the doors opened and once in I get centre right which proved to be really good. Even though I was now on the o2 network didn’t need to use the priority entrance. The audience were actually really laid back. This sister duo combo came from Birmingham, Alabama and they are no spring  chickens as they released their first album in 2000. I really enjoyed this set and would most definately go to see them play live again. Sisters Catherine and Allison are ever so talented.

This was the largest audience Lissie had played to. The venue was completely sold out, the gig was being recorded and what to come was a spectacular set. What was played was the same set as the Heaven show with a few noticeable additions. “Alright, well thankyou so much for being here, this is incredible” Lissie said when she made her entrance. Kicking off thing was Wedding Bells. This Hank Williams cover was sung to perfection and she added her own unique twist to it. She sails through it no problems. Worried About followed on and I love its upbeat lyrics. It is also a powerful song and the energy just flows from it. Next it was onto a song from the debut EP Why You Runnin’. This song being Here Before and this is a slow song and is extremely strong in parts. It is so nice hearing material pre Catching A Tiger. My favourite song was next and this was the powerful/ emotional When I’m Alone. There was plenty of cheers for this song and The Pierces joined Lissie onstage to sing backing vocals. I like the fact that the passion oozes from this song. Bully followed on and you can picture a story to the song. The thing I adore is the mesmerising solo at the end. That was truly epic. It was then onto the first treat of the evening a song song that Lissie does not sing much. This was to be Loosen The Knot and in fact it was the first time I had heard it live. There is a slight fast pace and there is a tinge of heaviness to the song. Again the energy flowed from this song. Record Collector followed on and God is referred to as being female. Maurus belted this incredibe song out. Now Cuckoo has to be one of my favourite songs off Catching A Tiger. Before starting the song Maurus broke her tequila rule by having a sip. “This song I wrote a year or two ago, It really was a reaction to my experience as a teenager” Lissie then went onto say how she was misunderstood and tended to get into trouble alot. Now this fast paced song is ever so infectious and it is simply amazing. Strangely her finger was not topped up with quick drying glue this time. Before the next song started Maurus mentioned about a gift she had given to her by a sweet fan at the Newcastle date. This was a miniture elephant and you knew what song was coming. Before starting the song Lissie smooched the elephant then placed it back on the speaker. The song in question was Every Where I Go. The song which features a elephant in the video. This power ballad was delivered faultlessly and there is a tinge of emotion to this song. The penultimate song again had a extended ending. This was to be the fast infused In Sleep and the guitar riffs are incredible. I especially love the way the ending had been extended. Extended endings always makes the song slightly more epic. The final song on the night was Little Lovin’ and again The Pierces joined Lissie on stage. They all left the stage only to return moments later for which was going to be a stunning encore. The first which was to be Oh Mississippi and in fact it sounds like a national anthem.  Before starting the song Maurus mentioned she grew up in Rock Island, Illinois on the Mississippi River and how that will always be home. This is a beautiful song which was spectucular. There is so much emotion in this song. Kid Cudi cover Pursuit Of Happiness followed on and this was a real crowd pleaser. A new song followed on called Watch Over Me. Maurus mentioned it is one of the first songs she wrote when she moved to LA. This song was fantastic really short though and I don’t think it is 2nd album material just yet. It is delivered strongly and the lyrics do have the hint of emotion. The night ended with a Christmas cover which was 2000 Miles which The Pretenders originally sung. This was stunning and when Christmas songs are sung you know that it is round the corner.


Wedding Bells
Worried About
Here Before
When I’m Alone
Loosen The Knot
Record Collector
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Little Lovin’


Oh Mississippi
Pursuit of Happiness
Watch Over Me
2000 Miles

OVERALL: This was a wonderful night and I am looking forward to seeing Lissie live again. It would be interesting to see a DVD of the gig because it was extrodinary. As for the Pierces I enjoyed the set and would like to see them play again.


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