Ke$ha @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 14th December 2010

This was Ke$ha’s first headlining gig in London. I had previously had seen her live at a showcase which she did at Centro in London October last year. Comparing the two her fanbase has sky rocketed. A year ago I turned up at 3pm and was the third person there. Now I turned up at 1pm and there had been people queuing since 6am in the morning. That may sound crazy but getting there that early shows dedication. When I had reached the venue I was hanging around where the o2 priority queue would be. I now had a phone on the o2 network so I always had planned to use that card. Also another reason why I didn’t opt to queue up with the 15 people with General Admission tickets was because I had won a meet and greet. What person would let someone back in the queue if they had been gone for a while? Yes quickly nipping off is fine but going off for about 30 minutes isn’t. That is the reason I stayed near the doors. Myself and a group of Ke$ha fans saw her arrive around 3.30 which was nice. People got items signed and had photos taken. After it was back to the doors and just wait till when they did open. The Meet and Greet was looking like it wasn’t going to happen as it had gone past 4pm. But we all had faith and KeshaUKST pulled it out the bag and seriously made the other 9 winners dreams come true. We all went to the stage door then inside up the stairs into the bar. Now it is pretty surreal going backstage. I have been the aftershow bar once before but not backstage was. Everyone waited with excitement over what was immenent. A few of us quickly went outside on the Level 1 balcony and took a look at the stage. After we all came back in sat down then Ke$ha arrived. Honestly it felt like a blur, it felt so surreal. Everyone got time with her got a photo and items signed. Ke$ha signed my ticket and she is so nice. After when the meet and greet was over it was then back to the queue. This is when the poor organisation started. Security started to put out the barriers and there was already a queue which had formed for o2 Priority. Everyone was then told that there was no priority. This was really poor considering they mentioned there wouldn’t be one a hour before doors opened. Everyone then piled into the General Admission Queue. That queue was extremely crushy honestly it was getting hard to breathe. The doors finally opened at 7 and there was a massive push to get in. I then filtered through and fastly walked my way to the barrier. Yes it wasn’t centre instead it was the far right hand side. Despite where I was standing the view was decent. The support acts were The Good Natured and Kids Of 88.

The support acts were OK but everyone was here to see Ke$ha. It was around 9.55 when Ke$ha took to the stage. The crowd were so geared up for her and there were alot of screams when she came on. Ke$ha’s entrance was to the Right Round song that she did with Flo Rida. When Ke$ha made her entrance she was wearing a studded leather jacket, blacked out shades and had blue lipstick. Also she was holding a guitar. The song that opened up the night was Blah Blah Blah and the way the stage was layed out was fantastic. There were dancers and it was a extremely energetic song. After the shades and jacket were removed. She then launched into Party At A Rich Dude’s House. Again it was another energetic song and the vibe from the crowd was simply electric. “This next song is for all the old, creepy, inappropriate fans here tonight, this songs for you”. The screams were deafening. The song was DINOSAUR and Ke$ha worked the crowd by coming over to both sides of the stage. Also there was someone chasing her who had a Dinosaur head. Nearly everyone was singing along to this song and I love the dance movements. Up next was VIP. “Can you turn the house lights on” Kesha said before the whole venue lit up. “This next song is about a guy, and this song is a particular loser”. This song shows a different side to Ke$ha.

Stephen is a ballad which is delivered perfectly. The video that is displayed on the screen showed herout  to be a sweet sensitive girl who can be a bit possessive. It was then onto Kesha’s favourite song Animal and  this being the title track Animal. This song is again mellower and slightly beautiful. Ke$ha is on the keyboard and the video that is on the screen worked wonders. After the song Ke$ha took a picture of the whole crowd with their middle finger up. She said she was going to send it to Stephen. Take It Off has to be one of my favourite songs from the album there was some crawling around the stage during the song. Following on was Backstabber and everyone was singing along to this song. Once it was over she took a tumble to the floor. The crowd went crazy for Your Love Is My Drug. “This song is about love” Kesha said before launching into the song. Now everyone sung along to the chorus and it felt this song was an anthem. It was a real crowd pleaser. “I don’t think my tits are glittery enough”. They are then covered with glitter and a little bit of beer as well. This then leads to the final song of the night Tik Tok which the crowd went crazy for. The choreography was fantastic. This song gives off plenty of energy and there was the famous glitter gun which went slightly wrong and had to be replaced. The band then went offstage only to return moments later. The first song of the encore was We R Who We R. The crowd went crazy. There was dancing and everyone was wearing illuminous jackets. Ending the night was Beastie Boys cover Fight For Your Right. The majority was sung by some guy in a Santa suit. It was complete pandemonium during this song. There you had Ke$ha running about the stage, a mass of trannies and items like toilet roll, Ke$ha condoms and other items being thrown into the crowd.


Blah Blah Blah
Party At A Rich Dude’s House
Take It Off
Your Love Is My Drug
Tik Tok


We R Who We R
Fight For Your Right

OVERALL: This was a wonderful night despite the lack of organisation of the queue. KeshaUKST made the evening even sweeter. Honestly it felt like a dream. As for the gig it was fantastic. Yes I would of liked if a few tracks from Canibal were sung but that wasn’t to be. I reckon the Get Sleazy tour should come to the UK.


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  1. Michael hall says:

    I was at this concert and was lucky enough to win meet and greet if you have any photos of it please please can you get back to me thank you 🙂

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