Teller – Movements, Move, Meanings

Teller are a Indie/ Pop band from Bristol who are a fantastic 4 piece band. They were featured on PMR at the start of December where I mentioned that they have a new EP called Movements, Move, Meanings. Even though this EP has been released on the Myspace player I have managed to get my hands on the physical promo copy. Now this 6 track EP is extremely impressive it is very upbeat and the opening number Control Your Pencils is very in your face. They say the first track is the most important one and the way this EP opens up is incredible. Even though Control Your Pencils is in your face it is also fast in tempo as well. This drew me in and left me wanting to listen to the remaining 5 tracks. Now Nothing To See Here is a strong song it is extremely different in comparison to the style of the opening track. It is 4th track Equally Awkward which is another stand out track. My favourite line has to be “Equally Awkward, We’re Just Insecure”. We all have our insecurities. The lyrics in this song are fantastic. Ending the EP is Love there is a steady pace to it and is one of my favourites.


01. Control Your Pencils
02. Nothing To See Here
03. Hearts & Hands
04. Equally Awkward
05. To Be Right
06. Love

OVERALL: This is an excellent effort and whats more the whole band wrote, produced, recorded and engineered the album themselves which gets extra marks from me. Tracks Hearts & Hands and To Be Right are fantastic as well. All in all this is a fantastic EP which features 6 brilliant songs some which are better than others. Contol Your Pencils grabbed my attention and made me want to listen to the further 5 tracks. It took a couple of listens for Hearts & Hands to grow on me. Now I love that song. Picking out a favourite track is virtually impossible as they are all crackers. But if I was to pick out a favourite it is a three way tie between Control Your Pencils, Nothing To See and Equally Awkward.


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