Ones To Watch: Spark

Jessica “Sparkle” Morgan goes by the stage name Spark. She is another name added to the BRIT Schools Alumni. After having completed her education early May Spark has been gaining more fans after she had opened up for Marina & The Diamonds Gem Tour and supported Diana Vickers on her most recent tour. Jessica is only 18 and has already performed in various venues up and down the UK. It is going to be a while until she headlines her own gig but the right steps are being taken.

Jess has released two vinyls the first being Shut Out The Moon on Boom Records and the most recent being Revolving on Neon Gold. Now the debut single from listening to the lyrics it sounds as Spark is not ready to be in the spotlight and just wants to run away and hide. The fact it was dropped from the current set on the Diana Vickers tour kind if makes sense because now the world is Spark’s oyster. Revolving is slightly darker compared to the other songs she sings. I for one look forward for debut album as she has some belting songs. Damage Done is a song you must listen to then new song Pieces is one to keep your eye out for.

The fact Jess was shunned on the BBC Sound Poll of 2011 was quite suprising as she is a fantastic artist. Someone who I think will have a long successful career in the music industry. After having supported various people in 2010 I think a headline tour is not far off.

Spark is someone to keep your eye and I advise you to see live if you have the opportunity to.

To hear more from Spark go to:,

Or if you are on Twitter follow: @sparkthemusic


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