Scissor Sisters @ Bush Hall 4th December 2010

Snow wasn’t going to stop me from attending this special night. The ticket came to £41 overall so I was adament I was going to go. Earlier on in the week I had missed gigs by The Hoosiers, Best Coast and a free gig at St Pancras Station featuring both Pearl and the Puppets and Gabriella Cilmi. You could say snow had ruined my life as I find it gut wrenching to miss a live concert. So Saturday came the weather was still severe outside most of the overground trains near to where I live were cancelled or had major delays. All I needed to do was somehow get on a tube and I would be fine. I managed to get a lift to Morden station and had a short journey to Shepherd’s Bush Market. Even though I had to go on 4 different lines it took just over an hour to get there. So around 14.30 I was outside Bush Hall waiting. In fact it wasn’t that cold outside and I was not the first one there. Only one other person was there and the queue did not grow till about 5ish. The main question on everyones lips were who was supporting and what was the golden circle. Yes Golden Circle points to an area in front of the stage but the auction implied the balcony and the auction happened well after tickets had gone on sale. All was revealed when the doors opened a little after 19.30. By this time the temperature had dropped dramatically and it was nice to be inside the warm venue.

To my disappointment there was a rope barrier. What was roped off was the Golden Circle. Honestly I was a bit miffed because why have a golden circle if you by VIP tickets for a gig that is just standing. For the Union Chapel I could understand but for this I couldn’t. If I knew there was going to be a Golden Circle I would of put a bid in for one of these tickets instead of snapping one up when they went on pre sale. Also I know for a fact there won’t be a golden circle in the standing area for Pet Shop Boys on 8th December. The one bad thing about having a golden circle when your not in it is the fact you could have someone taller than you standing right in front. There was actually no support act and nearing the time the band were supposed to come down the barriers were removed. A surge of people tried to get to the front. I was lucky as I managed to get 4th row then got 3rd and what was handy was the people in front were shorter than me. Before the band came onstage there was a short introduction by Jo Whiley.

What was to come was amazing. Scissor Sisters are currently on a Arena tour and just seeing them perform in such a intimate setting was truly spectacular. Ana revealed during the set that this was the second time they played at the venue. The first time was a fan gig. As the band made their entrance there were cheers from the audience and they went straight into Any Which Way. It was clear the band were enjoying themselves and putting alot of energy into the song. This is a nice fast paced song and the audience loved it. “Thankyou” Jake said after when the band had finished the song. Now I love the beat of Laura and this song is delivered strongly. Alot of people were singing along to the chorus which is packed with power. In fact this has to be one of my favourite songs from the debut album. Again plenty of people were singing along to Whole New Way. There was cheers from the audience when Jake took his jacket off. The song is actually slightly dirty lyrics wise but was delivered strongly. After some banter about B.O Jake then revealed Lights was infact his favourite tracks from 2nd album Ta Dah! It is actually one of my favourites from the 2nd album and I love the chorus. It was sung perfectly and it was the first time I had seen it live. Up tempo Night Work track Running Out then followed on. Once over there was more banter about Ewoks. Jake says “I would dedicate this next song” and Ana finishes by jokingly saying “To the Ewoks”. “This song has nothing to do with Ewoks” Jake tells the crowd just as Mary starts. I love this song because there was so much passion put into it. Jake infact has Mary tattooed on the inside of his left arm. My favourite part of this song has to be right at the end.

“We’re going to play a couple more special songs” Jake said after Mary. The first song was the most recent live lounge cover which was All The Lovers by Kylie Minogue. Their take was amazing unique and up beat. They definately did justice to the song and made it thier own. Following on was Take Me Out. The band hadn’t performed the song for a year. This take on this Franz Ferdinand song was incredibly unique which Jake delivers faultlessly. In fact I failed to recognise the song until the upbeat chorus kicked in. The crowd loved this cover everyone was singing along. Take Your Mama followed on and everyone joined in with the chorus. This song was a real crowd pleaser. Another cover followed on this being the debut single Comfortably Numb. Matronic actually likened the series of three covers to a Rod Stewart concert. Before the penultimate song Ana said “If you find yourself bored with nothing to do over the holidays, go find yourself a charity and put in some hours of volunteer work”. The moment the into for Fire With Fire started there were whoops of delight. Everyone sang along with the strong chorus and the atmosphere was rather energetic. It would of been the perfect song to end on. In a way it was but the band didn’t go offstage for the encore. Instead Jake said “Let’s pretend we have walked off now” and then there was a rapture of applause. “So we’re going to finish the show tonight with another new song” Shears told the audiece. The song in question being I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’. Everyone was singing along and there was plenty of finger pointing. The song ended what was an amazing night and it was a real Winter Warmer.


Any Which Way
Whole New Way
Running Out
All The Lovers
Take Me Out
Take Your Mama
Comfortably Numb
Fire With Fire
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

OVERALL: This may of been different from the Arena shows but this was an incredible night. The Scissor Sisters gave the performance of their lives. It was outstanding there wasn’t a Winter theme though but the intamacy made the night a memorable one.


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