In The Spotlight: #005 Teller

Appearing in my email inbox was a email from Teller. This email was just recommending the band and they gave me the Myspace page. So I then clicked the link and I liked what I heard. They have already released debut album Talk About It last year and also have a EP out called Moments Move Meanings. The material I heard on Myspace is simply incredible.

This 4 piece Indie/ Pop band are from Bristol and formed in 2008. As soon as the group had enough material that is when they started gigging. Teller have supported and headlined at every type of venue up and down the country during two self managed (and driven) mini tours. This band do truly have something and I suspect they will be incredible live. From the tracks that are on Myspace there isn’t a single song I dislike. My favourites have to be No More Flowers from the debut album closely followed by both Control Your Pencils! and Love.

Go and have a listen:


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