Ones To Watch: Sunday Girl

A tip for 2011 is Jade Williams. Jade’s stage name is Sunday Girl and she is a  British solo pop singer a talented one as well. I predict big things for her and the brand of pop music is infectious.   Her first single “Four Floors” was released on 28th March 2010 and was produced Diplo and second single “Self Control” ( also sung by Raf and Laura Branigan) was released on on August 2, 2010. The third release is “Stop Hey” and will be released January 2011. After seeing her perform three times and I have been rather impressed with the songs I have heard live. Just hearing her live wets the appetite and the debut LP in set to be a incredible one.

The stage name Sunday Girl comes from an old job she had in a Pet Shop where she worked every Sunday. Jade has already covered songs by Time To Pretend by MGMT and Tik Tok by Ke$ha. The Ke$ha cover featured on the set list when Williams was supporting on the UK leg of the Ellie Goulding tour. The Tik Tok cover sounded incredible Jade definately put her stamp on the song. She made Time To Pretend her own as well. Jade is currently signed to Universal and already has a handful of songs which are contenders to feature on the debut album. Other songs that I reckon will appear on the debut album include 24 Hours, Human Love, All The Songs and Brixton.

Jade’s Official Myspace is:


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